D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 11-12

DnD_HOD_300x300This week at Tabletop Tyrants my table began the after-Encounters portion of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen with chapter 4.

The heroes had returned to Greenest with the map they had acquired from the Nursery and Sarah’s rogue had used her faction contacts to get her raised before spending a few days to recover. Once they were ready to continue Lord Nighthill called them to his audience chamber.

He told them Leosin had followed the trail of the cult indicated on the map and had requested the heroes join him in Elturel as soon as they were able. To aid this he had purchased them mounts where necessary. After a brief discussion about their route they agreed on the direct cross-country route which would take them about 6 days of travel and set out the following morning.

Travelling north they could see signs of the devastation the cult raids had caused to the outlying farmsteads, and mid-afternoon came across a farm that had been razed but its apple orchard was untouched. Curiosity got the better of them and Patrick sent a sprite to fetch him an apple. The tiny fey wasnt strong enough to pluck the plump fruit so Daniel shot it free and the sprite began to roll it along the ground towards its master. That was when they saw a pair of scarecrows hop off their posts at the corners of the orchard and stalk towards the sprite, before the fey could react they clawed it to pieces and returned to their posts.

It was then that Daniel and Patrick noticed something metallic glinting at the centre of the orchard, before the others could stop him Daniel spurred his pony (Sandal) forward, but an exposed tree root tripped the steed and sent him tumbling. While the pony hobbled back to the safety of the party Daniel strode to the centre of the orchard to see a partly decomposed body (the surrounding undergrowth having grown not only over but through it) laying over whatever was glinting and he tried to tear it free. This caused all four of the scarecrows to begin stalking inwards, though Sarah bravely decided to intercept one.

The scarecrows proved to be quite resilient to the mundane attacks of the party as well has being able to instill a magical fear that could temporarily paralyze the heroes if their resolve failed, but eventually all that remained were scraps of cloth and straw. As the last scarecrow fell the orchard began to rapidly age and rot, and Daniel easily recovered what had been hidden – a gleaming greatsword showing no sign of tarnish.

The heroes decided to make camp in the ruined farmhouse and lick their wounds.

The next couple of days passed uneventfully, but on the afternoon of their fourth day of travelling they could see a bizarre sight ahead on their path. Five goblins, with bits of shrubs and bushes tucked into the folds of their armour, were squatting roadside in an attempt to remain inconspicuous. Daniel began laughing and shouted “We can see you” to which one of the goblins responded “No you can’t, we’re hiding!”. Needless to say the inept little greenskins didn’t stand up to the party’s attack and as the final one fled screaming, Daniel rode it down.

Day five of their journey was without incident, until they made camp. In the early hours of the morning while Sarah and Patrick were on watch, a band of orcs attacked. The brutal fight that ensued was a close call with the dwarves of the party relishing the battle with their racial enemies almost as much as the orcs were. Thankfully they were able to overcome the orcs but with their sleep disturbed it was a dour band of heroes that rode in to Elturel the following morning.

WOW, a three-hour session for a six-day journey. Loving the encounter building options from the Basic DMG (pdf – though as I write this I now have the hardback DMG and its even better!), and after seeing the scarecrows in the Monster Manual I wanted to include some in the game.

We have one more of our double sessions before Christmas, which will fall the evening before my birthday and will be followed by our next Expeditions game too, which I’m hoping to actually play in rather than DM (as long as we get some more volunteer DM’s) which should be interesting.


4 Responses to “D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 11-12”

  1. richgreen01 Says:

    Scarecrows are awesome!

  2. richgreen01 Says:

    Glad you’re carrying on with this. I’ll be running it next year once my 4e campaign is done πŸ™‚

    • The players are really enjoying it and want to see just how far they can get through it. As chapter 4 onwards is classed as “Casual” play there’s no longer the xp-caps of the Encounters format either so this week earnt them some extra xp towards reaching 4th level πŸ™‚

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