All Scars Vordrast Incursion – Stage 3

BLToday was stage 3 of the Leicester All Scars campaign, the Vordrast Incursion, and I was facing off against the Ulthwe Eldar of Dave Dolman.

Throughout the campaign so far we have all been adding to the narrative, this round being no exception and so Dave and myself came up with added consequences for the loser.

If Eldar lost they would be cut off from their wraith units for the next battle.

If Chaos lost they would be cut off from their psykers for the next battle.

My list selection for this battle focused upon the use of soul blaze even more than usual to tie in with our narrative.

++ Chaos Space Marines: Supplement – Black Legion (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1991pts) ++

+ HQ (470pts) +

Kalek, voice of the Protean – Dark Apostle (130pts) [Bolt Pistol, Gift of mutation, Mark of Tzeentch, Power Maul, Sigil of Corruption, Veterans of the Long War]
··Rules: Beseech of the Dark Gods, Champion of Chaos, Demagogue, Independent Character, Mark of Tzeentch, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War, Zealot

Vobeskhan – Daemon Prince (340pts) [Close Combat Weapon, Last Memory of Yuranthos, 3x Mastery Level (become Psyker), Power Armour, Spell familiar, Tzeentch, Wings]
As my warlord he got the Eye of the Gods, for his psychic powers he had Force, Firestorm of Tzeentch (Primaris), Doombolt, Warp Speed, Smite, Sunburst (from the Last Memory)

+ Troops (450pts) +

Bullhorns – Chaos Space Marines (225pts) [Heavy Bolter, Icon of flame, Mark of Tzeentch, Meltagun]
··Rules: Mark of Tzeentch, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War
··Aspiring Champion [Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Melta Bombs]
····Rules: Champion of Chaos
····Power Weapon [Power Maul]
··9x Chaos Space Marine [9x Bolt Pistol, 9x Boltgun]

Skulltop – Chaos Space Marines (225pts) [Heavy Bolter, Icon of flame, Mark of Tzeentch, Meltagun]
··Rules: Mark of Tzeentch, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War
··Aspiring Champion [Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Melta Bombs]
····Rules: Champion of Chaos
····Power Weapon [Power Maul]
··9x Chaos Space Marine [9x Bolt Pistol, 9x Boltgun]

+ Fast Attack (379pts) +

Heldrake (170pts) [Baleflamer]
··Rules: Daemon, Daemonforge, It Will Not Die, Meteroric Descent

SAMCRO – Chaos Bikers (209pts) [5x Chaos Biker, Icon of flame, Mark of Tzeentch, 2x Meltagun]
··Rules: Mark of Tzeentch, Ten Millenia of Hate, Veterans of the Long War
··Tiggs – Chaos Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs]
····Rules: Champion of Chaos
····Power Weapon [Power Sword]

+ Heavy Support (692pts) +

[FW] Chaos Fire Raptor Gunship (275pts) [Armoured Ceramite, Dirge Caster, Hellfire Missiles, Hull-mounted twin-linked Avenger bolt cannon, Warpflame Gargoyles]
··Rules: Deep Strike, Independent Turret Fire, Infernal Relic, Strafing Run
··Reaper Autocannon Batteries [Maelific Ammunition]

Chaos Predator (172pts) [Dirge caster, Extra Armour, Havoc Launcher, Lascannons, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, Twin-Linked Lascannon, Warpflame gargoyles]

Defiler (245pts) [Daemonic possession, Power Scourge, Twin-Linked Lascannon, Warpflame gargoyles]
··Rules: Daemon, Daemonforge, Fleet, It Will Not Die

We both agreed on no night-fighting, the roll for planetary instability gave us severe lightning storms (though aside from almost wounding a wraithguard this did little else). I won the roll for deployment and chose to deploy second.

Dave set up across the board with his wraithknight on my left flank, so when I set up everything went to the right flank and to add insult to injury I proceeded to seize the initiative too.

My first round started well, predator taking out the falcon and forcing his firedragons to begin walking, and a well placed cannon shell taking out some of his guardians, setting the survivors ablaze and pinning them scoring me 2 early vps (first blood and psychological warfare). Dave’s response wasnt as brutal, taking out one of my bikes and reducing the pred to 1 hp but the cards were nice to him and he leapt to a 4-2 lead.

Round 2 saw my fire raptor scream down into the centre of the battlefield and begin chewing up more guardians and taking out the wraithguards wave serpent. My DP used his powers to inflict more soulblaze the guardians much to Dave’s chagrin. My bikers were eager to get in on the action and following jinking last turn their shooting at the fire dragons wasnt effective, so assault was next. The dragons took another one out with overwatch but my hammer of wrath took their exarch (though this then denied my issuing my challenge to score a vp with Hungry for glory), the remaining dragons failed to wound the bikers and champion Tiggs unsheathed his power sword and took their heads.

Dave’s forces decided that was enough and started on me in earnest, his wraithguard decimating Kalek and squad Skulltop before the wraithknight finished them off. His swooping hawks dropped in behind my defiler hoping to catch it off guard but its power scourge put a spanner in the works and only a lone hawk limped away from the combat while the undamaged defiler picked feathers out of its claws. With dice luck abandoning him it was only fair that the cards were on his side as he pulled further ahead to an 8-2 lead!

Round 3 and my heldrake still didn’t show up, but I had the fire raptor zoom off into ongoing reserves. My DP continued to spread soul blaze goodness around but did suffer a wound from Perils in the process. The bikers swooped around the rear of Dave’s warlock (all that remained of one guardian unit) and riddled him with bolter fire. The defiler, having had no luck so far damaging the wraithknight decided to drop a cannon shell on its smaller brethren, obliterating them. Finally the cards had been nice to me and I got one for the objective I was camped on.

Dave had Eldrad, Asurmen and a squad of Avengers disembark and along with his remaining 3 guardians they tried to shoot my DP down. At the end of the shooting phase they had reduced him to 1 wound but he passed his grounding check and grinned evilly at them. The score remained at 8-2.

Round 4 and my heldrake and raptor turned back up, drake failed to wound as he vector struck the knight, but then both bore down on Eldrad’s unit. The bikers risked driving into the trenches to secure another objective (but lost another member to a dangerous terrain test). The DP positioned himself for good effect, catching several members of Dave’s infantry in his sunburst (and again inflicting soulblaze on the survivors). The aptly named avenger bolter cannon thinned the ranks of the dire avengers and the baleflamer took out the rest, leaving Eldrad, Asurmen and a lone guardian. The Raptor also used one of its turrets to take out the last wave serpent too. At this point all the eldar had left was the his trio of infantry and the knight, but that could still be enough.

Dave’s round finished off the pred but little else, though with the knight holding an objective as well this gained him another 3 vps. Score stood at 10-9.

Round 5 and as no other target would present itself the heldrake vector struck the last guardian as it zoomed off the table for another pass. The raptor switched to hover mode and swung around to a better firing position. The DP flew towards objective 5 in the hopes of landing next turn and claiming it. Psychic phase saw Eldrad getting fried. Shooting saw the raptor shredding Asurmen with high velocity slugs and finally wounding the knight. It was getting too close to call on the points and I wanted that knight dead.

Dave finally shot my DP down, taking him to 12-9. If the game ended now it would be light side win, he rolled…….and we continued to round 6!

Well the heldrake continued its lack of ability to scratch the wraithknight, as did the defiler, so it was all down to the raptor. Its missiles depleted, it was avenger bolter cannon and reaper turret batteries only, but with the eldar behemoth on 1 hp it would be close. The barrels whirred to life, throwing metal slugs with wild abandon….. and finally the knight fell! With the raptor in hover mode it could claim the objective I had 2 cards for and my bikers claimed linebreaker bringing me to 12 vps – thankfully with no eldar left on the board it counts as a darkside win though.

This was one of the closest games I have played and Dave is a brilliant guy to play against, my soul blaze shenanigans once again proving his undoing.

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