D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 13-14

DnD_HOD_300x300Last week at Tabletop Tyrants (I’m late posting this due to my laptop dying after 7 years and having to get a new one) we continued our adventures.

The heroes arrived in Elturel battered and bruised and the sorry state of them did not impress Orlam Thrume with confidence, however, after proving themselves to him he asked them to continue the mission he and Leosin had planned for them.

They travelled by boat down the Chionthar to Baldur’s Gate so as to sign on with a caravan heading north which included 3 wagons of guarded items belonging to the Cult alongside “normal” caravan merchants.  The journey would take 40 days of travel to reach Waterdeep and the heroes signed on as guards.

During their first day out they encountered another band of sturdy looking adventurers who managed to convince the caravan leader to hire them as guards instead. When Jack’s fighter loomed over them they quickly admitted they were nothing more than actors trying to scam an easy ride north.

A few evenings later and the camp was attacked by a trio of Ettercaps and a pair of giant spiders. Despite being caught flat-footed and taking a severe beating the heroes did eventually win out (though one glowing comment still resounds – Jack asking how big a 15 foot cube was!).

Next day as they continued to travel the caravan spotted a glorious stag standing not far off, despite many wanting to shoot it as sport the heroes stopped them. Jack threw his hammer as a warning shot to scare it off but as the hammer neared the stag morphed into a humanoid shape and caught the hammer. The heroes cautiously approached and discovered the being was named Herne and in thanks for their defending him he snapped off one of his antlers which as he passed it over became an ornate longbow. Jack reverently accepted and the heroes returned to the caravan as Herne (a stag once again) walked majestically off.

On their sixth day they crested a rise to see a wagon stranded on the road ahead, its horses laying dead in their harness’ and its drivers cowering beneath it while being surrounded by a band of hobgoblins….

Doesn’t look like we achieved much but we had a full 4 hours gaming with quite of lot of RP interaction and the battle with the Ettercaps was hilarious fun (especially with dwarves failing poison saves).

This was my tables last session before Christmas, though on Christmas eve I have been asked to run a special one-off Christmassy adventure for my fellow store staff so that should prove interesting.


2 Responses to “D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 13-14”

  1. Sounds like there was plenty of action for that session.

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