All Scars Vordrast Incursion – Stage 4

BLToday at Tabletop Tyrants the Leicester All Scars descended once again upon the battlefields of Vordrast, unfortunately Grandfather Nurgle had paid several members a visit and we had a couple of players unable to make it.

Thankfully this did not include myself or my opponent, Dave Clarke, with his Black Templar marines. Although when I arrived I realised I had actually forgotten to pack one squad of my bikers (thankfully not the painted ones) so had to do a quick rejig on my list, swapping them out for a 10 man marine squad with Heavy Bolter and Icon of Flame for even more Soul Blaze shenanigans.

I got Outflank for my Warlord trait and kept him and his retinue in reserve. Dave won the roll off and decided to set up first, spreading across his side of the table fairly evenly. I decided to try the refused flank tactic that had worked well last time, keeping the 3 units I was deploying all to my left corner.

Failing to seize the initiative, Dave started off, quickly taking control of the 3 objectives closest to him but his shooting proved unable to get a result as everything that could draw a bead fired at my Proteus. This still netted him 3 VP’s off the bat though. My response was a little better, with the Proteus tearing the contemptor apart in a hail of lascannon fire scoring me First Blood but only the 1 VP.

Dave’s Raven didn’t arrive and he continued to converge his crusader towards my lines but still his shooting failed to hit the mark. On my turn both the heldrake and the outflanking bikers were available and the drake certainly made its presence felt, turning its baleflamer on Dave’s sternguard unit and melting them to a pile of crispy remains. Both units of bikers engaged in assaults and taking some more Templar skulls. Dave’s casualties were building up but it wasnt scoring me points and he continued to pull ahead.

The Templars stormraven arrived and tried to take my drake out but some fancy jinking kept it unharmed. The ravens cargo of marines took over another objective freeing up the rhino that had been parked, The former sternguard rhino scuttled back behind cover to continue claiming another objective and the crusader began heading for my lord, opening fire with its assault cannons and taking my first casualty. My psychic phase was lacklustre but still left me with an empowered force staff. My Raptor dropped from the skies right in front of the raven and decided to show it just firepower really was, taking it to a single hull point left. The heldrake failed to vector strike a rhino but left itself in a position to exit the field next turn, thankfully my chosen had a sneaky meltagun shot to take out the rhino instead while they captured another objective. Dave had now pulled into a commanding lead of 10-5.

Backing up their lone comrade the ravensquad joined the combat with Unsa and his unit, despite both the sorceror and Tiggs (the champion) causing multiple casualties the imperial marines were able to take out their fallen brethren. Similarly on the other side of the board the Raven and contemptor moved up to target the other bike squad, with Helbrecht disembarking and adding his units shooting, the unit was reduced to Lord Morrow and champion Jaxxon and to add insult to injury they failed their morale check and began retreating across the board. Helbrecht led his unit in an assault and lo and behold, double 6 on the regrouping test! In response my drake flew off to circle and return, while my raptor decided the marines that took out Unsa needed to die and led the path of destruction with well placed avenger bolter cannon fire. The proteus took advantage of being parked next to the skyfire nexus to plant a lascannon beam right up the tail of the raven finally plucking its wings and dropping if from the sky while the chosen finished off the lone member of the other Templar squad nearby. Lots of carnage but VP’s still stood at 14-5 to Dave.

Dave had a hiding rhino, the crusader andHelbrect and co, who calmly re-embarked their crusader as it backed up onto the  nearby objective with a skyfire nexus (out of 6 objectives 5 had come up as skyfire, the last one being a targeting relay). Out of range of all of my models it was a quick and thankfully painless round from the Templars. My raptor began turning and managed a single reaper battery shot at the crusader but failed to damage it. The heldrake returned angling so as to belch its flames over the hiding rhino but also failed to damage the transport. In keeping with how my luck was going, the proteus advanced but failed to inflict anything on the crusader. VP’s remained at 14-5 and we got an independent roll to see if we continued – a 3!

Round six and Dave focused his assault cannons on the heldrake finally causing damage but only a stun which the drake then ignored (its nice being a demonic flying monster). In response the drake swooped across the rhino but even its vector strike failed to dent the (p)lucky rhino. The raptor and proteus converged on the crusader, opening up with everything they could but as the smoke cleared the crusader still sat there with a single hull point remaining. Another independent roll and the game ended – VP’s still at 13-5 to Dave, a well deserved win to a great opponent.

In hindsight I should have concentrated more on capturing the objectives in an attempt to score points but the cards I drew scored more for Dave than they did for me. Still, a really fun battle against a great guy so I really can’t complain at all. At least I got my revenge on that pesky sternguard unit that had defeated me in the Kill Team event.

Well done Dave, I’ll get you next time 🙂

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