Legion’s yearly inspection

BLWell it’s been an interesting year for my Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Chaos Renegades Originals Black Legion warband. With the advent of 7th edition bringing a spark back to our fortunes in the form of the psychic phase and the release of an Imperial Armour book full of goodies (or should that be baddies, hmm) for the Chaos tainted forces of the 41st millennium.

Over the year I’ve added new models to the ranks, and have also removed some (I actually have fewer models in total now) and thanks to the All Scars Painting Challenge my painting enthusiasm has been rekindled.

Today I have gone through my collection once again, and relisted what I have available and its state (or lack) of painting which can be seen here Legion status JAN 2015.

So to compare to last year,            2013/2014

Models requiring assembly             4/4

Unpainted models                          171/151

Models needing stripping               60/6

Models base coloured (Black)         53/80

Models painted to tabletop            35/53

Total models available                    323/294

I still haven’t gotten around to making up a full points list (with Battlescribe or anything else) but would estimate I could make a 9000 point unbound list without much trouble. I plan on adding a forgefiend (just because they look fun) and more bikes probably, along with my own copy of Imperial Armour 13.

Looking ahead to 2015 we have a new painting challenge, the Survivor Series, pledge to paint a full unit/monstrous creature/vehicle each month, if you don’t complete one you get eliminated from the competition. I shall start off small and have pledged a 5 man csm unit for January.

Games wise we have the concluding rounds of the Vordrast Incursion campaign, the 2015 tournament and several other events planned throughout the year.

The future isn’t just dark, its Black!

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