Spilling the Blood of Angels

beating up angelsThis week down at Tabletop Tyrants I was able to finally play against Patrick, one of my D&D buddies at 40K. His Blood Angels would face my SAMCRO Black Legion in a game 2000pt of Cloak and Shadows.

I took my usual starting units of Lord Morrow, Sorcerer Unsa and their respective biker bodyguards, backed up by a 5 man CSM unit with MoTz (including a plasmagun and Icon of Flame) with a rhino with havoc launcher, a 15 nurgle cultist unit (including heavy stubber and 8 autoguns). A defiler with twin-linked lascannon/power scourge provided some heavy support and then the airforce – my heldrake and a fire raptor.

I thought it was all going to go to hell when Patrick not only stole the initiative but then proceeded to kill all but the champion of the sorcerers bodyguards as well as a pair of cultists as well as planting a drop pod right in front of my defiler, unloading a unit with thunder hammer.

However, passing leadership tests my bikers stayed on mission, the sorcerer boosting the champion with Boon of Tzeentch to give him bloated (+1 wound), advancing towards the new arrivals though they did fail to charge. The CSM unit and their rhino did manage to set his scouts ablaze and make them run off the objective they had perched upon.

Patrick’s storm raven arrived, and proceeded to shoot up my lines but in a shock I passed all my saves, his landraider surged forward to unload a squad of termies and his librarian who charged into my sorcerer and champion. The librarian bellowed a challenge and my champion readily accepted, taking a wound off each other. The sorcerer fared a bit better taking no wounds from the lightning clawed angels but slaying a number of them in return. The drop pod squad charged the defiler but its power scourge reduced their WS to 1 and the only casualties were on their side – including the dreaded thunder hammer. The units morale failed and the defiler chased them down.

On my second turn both my aerial support units arrived and while the drakes vector strike on the raven proved ineffectual, it turned its baleflamer on one of the cowering tactical squads. The raptor opened up on its smaller counterpart with everything it had and finally one lucky shot dropped it from the skies. Rolling for the damage to its passengers, despite their storm shields etc only a single veteran survived – Captain Raziel never even set foot on the battlefield! Having been lagging behind VP wise I had just scored first blood and slay the warlord in one stroke. Things continued to head south for Patrick as my sorcerer had periled when casting Endurance, only to get the result that gives him all the boosts, and to add insult to injury using life leech to kill a blood angel and heal the extra wound on his champion ally. The continuing combat saw the librarian and champion at deadlock while the sorceror claimed the lives of the remaining termies.

Turn 3 and Patrick’s luck continued to go south with his only shooting result being a single wound from his scouts sniper rifles wounding Lord Morrow, in the assault phase Unsa claimed the life of the librarian (rolling on the boon table he also got bloated, a 3 wound sorcerer!). My turn 3 saw the heldrake zoom off into ongoing reserves and the raptor finish of the last veteran to score me some much needed card VP’s.

Due to time we decided to finish after round 4, so Patrick went for it. Ramming his landraider into my defiler only to be denied damage by my demon save. His predator moved up to fire at Lord Morrow but was just short of assault cannon range and his heavy bolters failed to wound Nurgle’s boys. In the assault phase the defiler glanced a few hull points of the raider. As my turn would be the last the sorcerer and champion advanced on the last members of the burning tactical squad but could only reduce it to a single man remaining. Morrow and his boys rode up the angels deployment zone and blasted ammo into the second tactical unit. The returning drake belched all over the scouts, their dying screams lost in its shriek of delight. The defiler took a risky close range battlecannon shot on the landraider in front of it, and it paid of, reducing the tank to its last hull point. The raptor dropped to hover mode then pulled a 180 to unload blistering firepower into the rear of the predator and destroying the smaller tank. In the assault phase the defiler happily ripped the last of the hull plating off the landraider and choosing not to assault with either of my remaining bike units (thus denying any possible overwatch casualties) the game ended. Final score 7-1 to SAMCRO Black Legion.

Wow, only 6 casualties all game. To be fair Patrick’s dice were worse than mine normally are, never have I been so happy to see the Shield of Bhaal so prominently displayed. I have to say it was a real pleasure to game with Patrick, not because I won (though that was a bonus) but because he’s a great opponent and a genuinely nice guy. I look forward to a rematch in the future.

Neither of us were able to take any more photos during the game because we were too busy and my phone battery was dying unfortunately.

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