D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 15-16

DnD_HOD_300x300After the Christmas break we return to Tabletop Tyrants and our ongoing Encounters table.

When we left the heroes had just come across a wagon, its horses dead and its crew cowering beneath it as a band of hobgoblins attacked.

The party wasted no time in letting fly with ranged weapons and spells, with mixed results. The hobgoblins began returning fire, using the martial training to focus on the weaker spellcasters while Daniel, Jack and Lee closed for combat.

Thinning the goblinoid ranks helped but the captain was still able to drop Jack to the ground before finally succumbing to the rain of blows against him.

The caravan master was unwilling to spare horses for the stricken wagon so once Lee had helped their wounded the caravan continued on northward. Later that evening as they set camp Patrick realised that his arcane focus had gone missing, the rest of the heroes checked their gear but nobody seemed to be missing anything else. Asking amongst their fellow travellers revealed that a female passenger had lost a brooch but has assumed it had been dropped along the road.

Following a few days of uneventful travel (apart from worsening weather) the caravan awoke to find themselves surrounded by mushrooms growing as far as they could see. Daniel picked several, each giving a small cry of pain/anguish as he did so. This began to unnerve the horses and the caravan master wanted to move on as quickly as possible. Daniel forced Sandal to dance around crushing mushrooms willy-nilly but then became overcome with a sadness at their plaintive cries. By the time the caravan was ready to move the mushrooms had grown to almost knee height so Jack used thunderwave to clear a path (almost reducing Daniel to tears at the cries).

The rest of the journey passed monotonously quietly and the caravan reached Daggerford on the 20th day, on schedule. The caravan master announced they would be resting a full day and several passengers left the caravan while several others joined it. The only ones of note being a very tall robed and hooded man who managed to purchase a seat on one of the cultists wagons and a short-tempered gnome woman who seemed to have no interest in conversing with the heroes. In Daggerford the heroes resupplied and Jack was able to get Cyanwrath’s head cured (it was beginning to smell).

Back underway again and Lee and Jack realise the gnome is watching them (and she knows they have noticed), when they try to talk to her again she simply grunts “Later” and moves away.

A few days later the weather is once again wet and miserable and the caravan decides to stop at one of the way Inn’s. When some of the heroes go inside they find the place empty aside from a small group of well dressed gents but get told there isn’t any rooms available. Patrick uses his noble status to try to garner a room but the gents announce that they have hired the entire establishment and the heroes arent welcome. Before Patrick can voice his outrage Jack ushers him outside. While this was happening Daniel took Sandal to the stables where another of the gents was seeing to their horses. He told Daniel the same, telling him that unless he removed the dirty pony it would be killed. The dour dwarf swung his blade at the gent, but the lithe figure proved the quicker, leaving the dwarf unconscious after the first blow and then thrusting his slender blade through Sandals skull and killing the poor pony too. John (who had witnessed this) agreed to remove the dwarf and pony (though the figure insisted the pony be moved first). Daniel was revived but infuriated at the death of Sandal.

That night during his watch he sneaks into the stable and kills the three horses, though the noise alerts the gents in the inn. Daniel runs and hides as two of the men investigate, one seems amused by it the other is very angry and starts harassing the nearest caravan members to discover what had happened. Most of the party has also awoken and John manages to defuse the situation with excellent diplomacy and the gents grudgingly return to the inn. The heroes and the caravan master agree that an early a start would be best.

Waking early the party notice that someone has put the removed eyes of Sandal on Daniels sleeping body but quickly realise that they would be no match for the men and hastily leave.

Continuing northward for a few more days, one morning the gnome comes to them while they are eating breakfast and shows that Lee’s gruel had been sabotaged, luckily everyone elses seems alright. Later that day the gnome talks to them and gets them to provide a distraction while she “examines” one of the cultists wagons – finding it full of valuables.

With the caravan only days from Waterdeep, that’s where time ran out for us and we left it until next session.

caravan progress

What a session! There had been a lot of talk on the forums about the encounter at the inn and the possibility of a TPK and seeing the stats for the bad guys, yes it could have gone very badly, very, very quickly. I tried to emphasise the sense of the gents “dangerousness” in their confidence etc and thankfully the majority of the heroes realised they were out-matched and backed down.


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