All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series – January.

SAMCRO-legionFollowing the success of last years painting challenge one of our members suggested a monthly one for 2015 with those failing to complete in time being eliminated from taking part in the following months.

And so the Survivor Series was born.

I decided to use this as an opportunity to get more of my infantry up to spec (plus I was damned if I was going to paint another biker just yet), and pledged a 5 man squad of marines.

When it came to choosing the actual models I ended up taking 6 as they were some of my oldest models (around 20 year old plastics featuring the old knobbly shoulder pads and “shark” missile launchers) one of which was my very first conversion – a sergeant/champion that had been given a skeletal horse head and tail and massive spikes (from heroquest skaven blades) sprouting from his shoulder pouldrons.

Now previously I had been content with just 3 colours on a model but following the previous challenge I had been introduced to the use of washes, drybrushing and basing. So with a number of additional purchases from Tabletop Tyrants of paints (textures, drys, and shades), and a new drybrush I now have a 6 man unit suitable for either chosen or havocs with an Aspiring Champion, 2 bolter armed beakie marines, 2 Shark Launcher beakies and a shark launcher without his helmet.


As I have quite a lot of other projects on the go during February so have only pledged an Obliterator (2 if I get the time).

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