D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 17-18

DnD_HOD_300x300This week at Tabletop Tyrants we had a full table for Encounters again, in fact we think we may need to split into another table in future.

The party continued escorting the caravan northward and before they reached Waterdeep their way was blocked by a troupe of Ogres. After slaying half of the brutes they convinced the remaining pair to back down, but as they ambled off a couple of the “heroes” decided they didn’t want to leave them to harass future travellers and chased them down.

Once they reached Waterdeep some of the heroes went on a shopping spree, Daniel buying a new warhorse to replace his dead pony Sandal, while the rest followed the cult members. They found that the cult wagons had signed on with another caravan heading further north through the mere of dead men and so they signed on as guards once again.

Heading north they could see why the road repair supplies the caravan was carrying were necessary, with the marshland encroaching upon the pathway considerably. They encountered a group of orcs accompanied by an ogre and the heroes easily despatched the marauders and continued on their way. A couple of weary days passed before they were once again accosted, this time by a scrag. Thankfully the quick thinking warlock was able to neutralise the monsters regenerative abilities and it was eventually slashed and bashed to pieces.

Time beat us once again, though looking back it seems we didn’t get a lot done but the 3 combats took fair amount of time with that many players and we also took a half hour break at Waterdeep as it was a chapter end so people could level up as necessary.

One of our players, Jon, has offered to begin running another table (also on the fortnightly format) to make smaller groups. Jon has also been DMing the Expeditions for us so we will be making sure he gets first chance at a player spot in future Expeditions.


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