D&D Enc Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 19-20

DnD_HOD_300x300Last session we had enough players that Jon offered to DM a second table and so this week I had a table of only four players to run for.

The party had 5 uneventful days travel left along the rough road until they reached the roadhouse and the wagons began unloading. At this point one of the cultists started trying to goad Sarah, and when it was revealed to be Mondath in disguise Patrick actually stepped in to take her on in single combat.

It would have been a brief affair had Daniel not bolstered him with clerical magic but it still wasnt long before Patrick lay unconscious. Knowing Mondath would likely finish him off the heroes risked dragging him free of her Spirit Guardians though this then provoked a trio of other cultists to join the fray.

The camp organiser kept anyone else from interfering, enjoying the entertainment, but it was only a short time before the last of the heroes dropped. Daniel, Sarah and Adam were left unconscious but Patrick had been killed.

Thankfully the camp boss stopped the cultists finishing the rest of them off and had them taken to one of the rooms in the roadhouse to recover. A zhentarim agent within the camp was able to utilise a faction raise dead on Patrick, and as they quaffed healing potions they began to explore their surroundings.

The only room that seemed to have interest was the one that had an actual lock on it. Sarah easily bypassed the lock and they found a strong room with some of the cultists stolen goods. As they searched around they realised that there was less boxes here than had been on the wagons.

That was when one of the boxes tilted backwards and a handful of scaly humanoids clambered up into the room. The already weakened party unfortunately did not last long and were soon all once again unconscious.

So that was where we left it (I wanted to prep something a little more suitable as we only have a couple of sessions left until the new season begins) with the party being taken as prisoners, but to where?



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