All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series – February.

SAMCRO-legionPrior to the start of the month I had planned on doing 1, maybe 2, obliterators for this months pledge, however after thinking about it I decided I would prefer to do something I’m more likely to use in game more often and so decided on one of my rhino transports.

Of my 3 rhinos only one is the newer style, the others being the classic style same as my predator chassis. I decided to do the older of them, but first I needed to clean a helluva lot of dust off it (it almost looked green/grey rather than black!).

Again I fell under the painting sway, and despite planning on keeping it basic ended up trying new techniques (not all of which worked how I wanted) at the suggestion of my fellow All Scars.

First session I planned on just getting the base colours one, but got seriously carried away and almost completed it off the bat, getting the base colours, drybrushing and the rubble effect all done.

Session 2 I tried a wash of Typhus Corrosion/Lhamian Medium, wrongly thinking it would work similar to the Agrax wash I had previously used on my bikes. Having covered one section I really didnt like the result (something akin to dipping the model in a bucket of silt) and so had to clean it off and retouch the affected area before leaving it to dry.

Session 3 was on the suggestion of another All Scar member, and was my first time trying edging to help accent the edges, and I must admit after a few false starts I was reasonably happy with the finished result.

If time allows I might try to get some of the bases on my already painted minis done to match the newer ones, though I have a number of non-40K projects I really have to get finished as soon as possible.

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