All Scars Grudge Match – the battle for the fate of Morrow

BLToday the All Scars settled some scores, our first Grudge Match event.

Not as harsh at it first sounds as it was all in fun, but we each had nominated 3 other players and their particular brand of army as our chosen grudges and given our reasons for the imagined slights, match-ups were then arranged and played today.

My grudges were Gary’s Dark Angels (a popular choice) as I had lost every game against them since returning to the game, Jon’s Tau as they too had torn me a new one, and Matt’s Space Wolves for a similar reason. As it turned out, following the final round of the Vordrast Incursion I found I had a new grudge to add, the foul taste of Shadow Reaper turning my Chaos Lord into a spawn. Jay wanted to capture Morrow-spawn and keep him as his chapter masters pet and SAMCRO wanted to risk a ritual to return his true form.

We agreed on 2000 points and my army list was Grudge Match v Jay.

Jay won the roll off and chose to go second, so with a shake of the hands we were off.

Round 1 and unusually for me it was go straight for it, bikers and spawn racing forward under the cover of night. Psychic was a mixed bag as I was able to score some damage on Jay’s scouts but I periled in the process and took a wound, doh! Jay’s response was to drop pod a unit into my deployment zone and capture an objective, though the squad disembarked on the far side of the pod so as to use it as cover to destroy one of my rhino’s, leaving its passengers to foot slog. Score 5-2 to me.

Round 2 and I passed both my reserve rolls, bringing the heldrake and Abaddon and his Bringers of Despair on to the board, though they almost mis-happed into terrain (missing it by 1 inch!) but turning their combi-meltas on the predator and destroying it. The drake dragged a marine to its death with a vector strike and later spewed baleflame over the landspeeders, melting off one of the multi-meltas. More fire came the way of the scouts, thinning their ranks and setting them ablaze while the spawn continued to move across the board towards jay’s rhino which was skulking at the rear. In return Jay got his captain and retinue in play along with his outflanking bikes who scored a cheeky bolter shot on the heldrake. His terminators began to reduce one of my marine units numbers through massed fire but their resolve held firm. Score 6-2 to me.

Round 3  the heldrake vector struck some armour plating off the rhino as it flew off into ongoing reserves. Abaddon and his boys continued to decimate the scouts and the drop pod squad but unfortunately not scoring any VP’s. Jay on the other hand, managed to take out one of my spawn and one of Abaddon’s retinue (in hindsight I forgot to even roll my FNP from the Icon of Excess, doh!) and racked up a trio of points. Score 6-5 to me.

Round 4 and I bring the drake back on, vector striking another of the drop squad and preparing to flame the sternguard. The spawn chase Jay’s rhino finally catching it and wrecking it, making its tac-squad disembark (if I’d been able to get a spawn to the side door they would have been auto killed as the couldn’t have got out, dang). Abaddon and his boys finish off the scouts with massed bolter fire and reaper cannon, finally. My bikers take down the razorback which caused the sternguard to disembark (right into the sights of the heldrake which managed to kill a couple of them though they were able to douse the flames. Jay’s turn saw his stormraven finally arrive and take out one of my bikers and the remaining sternguard charge the rest. His stalker decides to begin moving out of its cover in an attempt to get nearer to shoot at my drake, and his captains unit capture one of the objectives while continuing to shred my marine unit with massed fire. The tac-squad shoot at the spawn, killing the wounded one and reducing the unit to two. In the assault my bike champion slays the sternguard sergeant (I also forgot to roll on the boon table for this, oh well) while the sorcerer and the remaining bikers take out the rest of the veteran marines (thank you Veterans of the Long War, oh and Iron Arm/Force weapon helps) before consolidating towards an objective. Score 8-8.

Round 5 The heldrake does what it’s designed for and straffes the hull of the raven with its claws getting 2 vector hits on it, the first glances but the second gets through, result – immobilised, Jay rolled to see if it crashes and got a 1! As the wreck of the raven hits the ground the drake again leaves the board into ongoing reserves. Abaddon and his boys intercept the Stalker, their assault leaving it an exploded wreck. The spawn assault the tactical squad taking a wound from overwatch but reaching their targets, despite munching a few marines the resolve of the rest stays firm and they remain in combat. My sorcerer attempts to assault the landspeeders but instead drives his bike into the wall and suicides. Jay’s turn see’s the spawn taking another wound but they remain locked in combat. The captains unit fire at my remaining marine unit but the scatterfield aids their saves and they stay in the fight. Score 10-10.

Round 6 the drake returns, vector striking a rider from his bike, and then baleflaming the landspeeders again. The spawn fight on, continuing to reduce the marines numbers but in turn being reduced to a solo spawn. Abaddon and co begin moving back towards the action but are too far away to affect anyone. Jay’s final round and he takes out a couple of men from the marines squad but their still in the fight. In the final assault phase his tactical squad is reduced to a single man left facing a hungry spawn. We totalled up the last of the tactical card vp’s along with the mission objectives and the final score – 15-15!

Wow, what a great result to a brilliant game with a great opponent. We both agree, Jink should be an invulnerable not a cover save but until it changes I’m happy to exploit it with baleflamer and vector strikes 🙂

As neither of us lost our warlord we both claimed a white skull each rather than a gold, as to the fate of Morrow-spawn, that will be revealed in a post on the All Scars site shortly – trust me it’s not what you expect (unless you’re a SoA fan).

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  1. Ruins of Arotha Says:

    Great batrep, and lovely scenery!

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