All Scars do it 2 by 2

This weekend saw several of the All Scars descend upon our FLGS (Tabletop Tyrants) for a Doubles Tournament organised and hosted by staff (and All Scar) member Jack Shenton.

I had arranged to partner my old sparring buddy Gary and we decided to go with a thematic list under the SAMCRO team name. I took my usual Lord, accompanied by a level 3 nurgle sorcerer, a 4 man bike squad (including champion), and a heldrake. Gary brought a Dark Shroud, a pair of landspeeders, squad of raven talons, level 2 librarian on bike, and 10 man vet squad in a drop pod armed with combi-meltas.

As organiser Jack had confirmed that for this event team mates counted as battle brothers.

Our first game was against the Tau-Eldar forces of Matt and Dave S, it was a brutal and bloody affair, I lost everything but the heldrake but end result was a 10-5 win for us (including taking the tau warlord, but losing mine).

Second game was Tau-Space Wolves of Ross and Edd (now this team up had battered me viciously in last years doubles), this was a really close run game with several really great cinematic moments. End result 11-10 win and taking both their warlords without losing ours).

Third and final round and we faced the other team that had won both their previous rounds, and it really wasnt a surprise. Tau-Eldar forces from Lee and Jack – the tau had a riptide, a r’varna and a y’varha (don’t know if they’re spelled right, really don’t care either), and a piranha. Jack had a psyker on a jetbike, 2 units in wave serpents and a pair of hornets (looked more like crayfish but nice models). We got absolutely destroyed, at the end of round 2 I had the heldrake left and Gary had a lone Talon rider and about 7 vets, no way we were going to take any more points out of them and so we conceded (though several calls of “Fromage” had been made throughout the day, all in friendly banter of course). Result 13-2 loss and both our warlords gone.

As the other games finished and we began to pack the scenery away Jack tallied up the results, unsurprisingly Jack and Lee claimed first place, but Gary and myself got a respectable second, with Ross and Edd taking third.

A good days gaming (though my legs are going to pay for it tomorrow).

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