D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 1-2

DnD_PotAWow, new season, new options, new players, and a whole new set of problems.

First up we had a delayed release of the DM’s PDF of the adventure, finally released about a day and a half before the session was due to start. Next we had an influx of players, not necessarily a problem, however when we only have 2 DM’s available it makes it an issue. We are sticking with our running double length sessions on a fortnightly basis (as this allows the players to indulge their other gaming options on the opposite weeks), so I volunteered to run a third table on the opposite week. This has meant we’ve ended up with the following:

  • Table 1 DM – Jon
  • Table 2 DM – Mik (me)
  • Table 3 DM – Mik (me) on the opposite weeks.

As a large chunk of the new players are friends I thought it best to keep them together so allocated them to Table 3 along with one of our regular players who had introduced them to the game, I shall cover them next week after their session.

The remaining 11 players (which still included 3 new players) we asked to put their d20’s in a bag and got our FLGS staffer, Kurt, to draw out for us. Jon has blogged his groups escapades over on his blog, and sounds like they really got stuck in.

My table consists of:

  • Jack – playing the pc he ran for LMoP, level 3 Elf Fighter (archer)
  • Brandon – level 1 Earth Genasi Fighter
  • Tim – level 1 Goliath Cleric (Life), one of the new players
  • Adam – level 1 Goliath Fighter
  • Daniel – playing a pc he has used in a few of the Expeditions, Level 2 Human Barbarian

WARNING – the following will contain spoilers, if you intend to play this adventure yourself and don’t want to ruin the surprise, stop reading now!

The heroes were gathered in Waterdeep, out of work adventurers looking to earn some coin. They were approached by a red-haired halfling named Gauloth, he wanted them to travel to Red Larch to find out where the prize-winning boar he had ordered was. It was supposed to have been delivered to the temple of Chauntea at Goldenfields five days ago but so far hadn’t arrived. His reputation was on the line, and he offered the heroes 10gp each to find his pig.

BugbearThe heroes accepted, and decided to buy a pair of horses and a cart to aid their travel before setting out on the 2 day journey. The first day was easy enough, but during the night their rest was disturbed by a band of Bugbears. Brandon spent a lot of the fight knocked unconscious, but eventually the heroes prevailed and Tim healed the Genasi.

The following day saw them reach Red Larch in late afternoon and headed straight to the butcher’s shop to enquire about the missing pig. The also meet the butchers husband who is the constable and discover that bandits have become active in the area. The heroes are willing to look into this if they can be deputized, the constable says that’s not his call but the village elders can do so, most of which will be in the tavern this evening.

In the tavern they convince the elders to provide them with a letter of marque noting them as deputy’s. They also hear rumours of a ghost sighting and strange happenings around Lance Rock. Having dropped their cart off for upgrades (weather proof covering, better quality wheels and a new paint job) they decide to rent rooms at the Inn and retire for the night. Jack’s elf hears something moving on the landing outside their door in the night and investigates to discover a dark-haired figure in a nightshirt walking away, as he wakes Tim the figure ascends to the upper floor. As stealthily as two armoured figures can be (ie not) they follow but the figure doesn’t appear to have noticed and it disappears into one of the rooms. Jack knocks but gets no answer, he carefully opens the door and peers in to see a lone figure in a bed. The only other things in the room being a table, chair and wardrobe. Bow in hand he approaches the bed and nudges the figure. At first it doesn’t respond so he nudges again, this time the figure reacts, rolling over to reveal a middle-aged woman who sees an armed elf standing over her bed and screams! Making a quick apology and a quicker exit, Jack and Tim return to their room.

In the morning they take their breakfast and hear one of the other guests complaining to the proprietress about a pointy eared invader in her room during the night. Following the rough drawn map provided by the constable they head off to investigate the possible bandit lairs.

bearOne of them bears fruit as they find a quartet of rough-looking men around a campfire, roasting meat, while a large black furred animal lurks in a cage on a wagon next to a cave entrance. Daniel and Jack fire the first volley, but only Jack finds a target as Adam charges forward to engage the enemy and they  all fire their crossbows at him. As the fight ensues the beast in the cage breaks free, a massive bear that’s so angry it doesn’t care who it hits. Thankfully Daniels barbarian rage allows him to shrug the worst of it away before they manage to despatch the bandits and the bear. Searching the camp the discover the bandits loot, and that he cooking meat is the remains of the missing prize pig. Loading it and the bear into the cart they drag it back to town and to the butchers as proof of what had happened and give her the bears remains (after Daniel had skinned it – he wants a bear cloak) to do with as she wishes. Daniel takes the pelt to the tanners and asks for it to be cured so he can have it made into a cloak, then the heroes retire once again to the Inn – this time for a restful night.

Next morning they go and talk to the grandmother of the little girl who saw the “ghost”, she’s adamant it was a goblin but her gran says it’s just one of the harmless spirits of those that have passed. Following the girls directions they head down to investigate, finding an old barrow mound with its stone door ajar. Opening the door caused a pile of cart parts to noisily collapse behind it but they pressed on, coming to a chamber with a stone table and a rusted iron door.

Half_Ogre_by_MetryxWhen one of the heroes touched the door a spectral apparition appeared above the table, demanding that they leave his masters rest undisturbed or suffer his wrath. The heroes eagerly agreed and headed back out, only to find the exit blocked by a goblin and half-ogre. Daniel swing his maul at the goblin, knocking the greenskin unconscious, which greatly angered the half-ogre who set about Daniel with its mighty battle-axe. Thankfully the rest of the party rallied to their comrade and brought the foe down, during which time the goblin appeared to have choked on its own tongue and died also.

The heroes decided to take the long walk back to town, and that was where we left it.

Great fun first session. The bit with the goblin, I had it make death saves on its turn, a 20 would revive it, while a 1 it would die – second round roll came up a 1, and as it gurgled its last it made the half-ogre even angrier.


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