D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 3 Session 1-2

So we began the adventures of our third table of Encounters for this season this week:

  • Patrick – level 1 Fire Genasi Barbarian
  • Emma – level 1 Tiefling Ranger
  • Matt – level 1 Wood Elf Ranger
  • Eleanor – level 1 Tiefling Warlock

We spent the first part of the session finishing off character creation before beginning with the same hook as my other table.

WARNING – the following will contain spoilers, if you intend to play this adventure yourself and don’t want to ruin the surprise, stop reading now!

The heroes were gathered in Waterdeep, out of work adventurers looking to earn some coin. They were approached by a garish attired elf named Coran, he wanted them to travel to Red Larch to find out where the prize-winning boar he had ordered was. It was supposed to have been delivered to the temple of Chauntea at Goldenfields but so far hadn’t arrived. His reputation was on the line, and he offered the heroes 50gp to find his pig.

Preferring the open road to the confines of the sprawling metropolis the heroes agreed and set off, as they travelled they noticed a strange shadow following them and discovered it belonged to what appeared at first to be a bird but was actually a man in some strange suit designed to mimic a bird. The figure followed them a few hours but as it posed no apparent danger they ignored it and continued on.

The rest of the journey to Red Larch proved uneventful, and the quickly found the butcher that had been engaged to supply the pig. She was surprised to hear that the pig hadn’t been delivered and suggested they talk to her husband the constable. In doing so they found that several travellers had been accosted by bandit activity recently but the constable didn’t have the resources to deal with it. Marking on a number of suspected bandit campsites on their map the constable wished them luck.

The first 2 sites proved fruitless but nearing the third they spied a quartet of men sitting beside a fire, cooking some meat, with a large black furred animal in a caged cart next to a shallow cave entrance.

Eleanor used Sleep to put a pair of the men to slumber as Patrick and Emma charged the remaining pair with supporting fire from Matt. That was when the animal broke free from its cage, revealing itself not as the missing pig but a big angry bear.

The bear didn’t seem to care who it took its rage out on and began attacking Emma, with heavy hearts the rangers put the beast out of its misery before tying up the still sleeping bandits before examining the cave contents and sampling the succulent roasting pork on the fire (oops, found the pig!). Eventually the bandits came too and after questioning revealed they had ambushed the priests and their pig, leaving the men for dead and taking the pig for themselves.

Loading the bear carcass into the cart the heroes head back to Red Larch with their discovery.

And that was where we had to leave it for this session, as Emma and Eleanor needed to head home.

In the interim I now have the full hardbound version of the adventure and must say I’m very impressed with the content and the artwork is fantastic.


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