Assemble the troops for inspection

SAMCRO-legionThe fearless leader of the Leicester All Scars posed a question the other day that prompted me to complete a task I had been putting off since Christmas – “What can you field if you go all out?”

So, thanks to a recent update on Battlscribe on the Black Legion catalogue, I set to looking what I could actually put on the table.

SAMCRO- mega list

Now, this still isnt everything I’m sorry to say. I have several other variant Chaos Lords (the jump pack one, a number of power armour ones, and another in terminator armour), and I haven’t included any of my cultists as I’m planning on making them into a Renegades & Heretics list (eventually) – there’s already a Wyvern awaiting assembly on the shelf for them.

We recently fought our Easter Kill Team tournament, and for the first time since the inception of the All Scars I fielded a fully painted force! This didn’t help my results much but I enjoyed the day all the same.

The Survivor Series continues apace, with a tightening of the reins to limit the changing of pledges late in the month. My April pledge itself is now painted, just the scenic base to finish off in the next week. I’ll do a full post on it once its complete but for now…


Next month sees the start of our annual tournament, and my first round game will be against the Eldar of Dave Seth Dolman once again. My track record against his space elves has been pretty good so far, but with a new Codex:Eldar looming that could all turn sour. If everything goes to plan I shall also be fielding a fully painted force for the tournament too (getting carried away with this painting lark – not!), so we shall see if that improves my results in any way (several of my club mates assure me that painted armies perform better).



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