D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 5-6

DnD_PotAThis week saw the heroes heading out from Red Larch to investigate the rumours of the Laughing Skull and treasure filled cavern. What could possibly go wrong? As it turned out, lots.

Heading to the reported sighting of the laughing skull the part was attacked by a trio of ankhegs, though playing smart and focussing their attacks on one beast at a time proved effective it wasnt without them taking a severe beating in return, leaving a couple of them very wounded and Brandon was dead. They returned to town so that Emerald Enclave contacts can perform a faction raise and set back out the following morning, continuing onwards they come across a quintet of gnolls. Focused fire again worked to their advantage but by the end of the combat some of them were unconscious again.

Jack and Daniel found a “safe” campsite and waited for their allies to recover. Before Adam comes too the party is attacked by a band of bugbears that manage to sneak up unnoticed, already wounded from earlier Brandon is quickly slain and as the remaining heroes begin to also go down it looks bleak for the party. Thankfully Jack is able to hold out, still being better off firing his bow point-blank at his foes than swinging his blade. Once the last bugbear is dead Jack makes quick use of his healers kit to stabilise his comrades. Unable to do anything more for Brandon they continue onwards and find the “laughing” skull, Daniel pulls the arrow free and reads the cryptic message, he passes it to Adam to also examine but it crumbled to dust before he could do so. They return once more to Red Larch (and again secure a faction raise for Brandon – the Enclave are going to need deep pockets I fear).

Next morning most of the heroes head towards the treasure cave, Brandon chose to wait in town while he recovered from dying repeatedly. The entrance to the cavern had lots of footprints leading in and out, Jack and Daniel go in first as they can see in the dark, and are attacked by stirges. Thankfully the little bloodsuckers are quickly dealt with but the rumoured treasure is nowhere to be seen (there were signs that boxes had been stored there until recently).

The heroes resignedly head back to Red Larch to find the town abuzz, a gaping sinkhole having opened up in the centre of town and a couple of the townsfolk’s children having fallen into it……

Well that’s where we left it for the evening, some very intense combats for random encounters, resulting in two deaths for Brandon, and the remainder of the party almost reaching the xp cap already (really not a fan of that particular mechanic still).



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