All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series – April

SAMCRO-legionThe All Scar Survivor Series continues through April and I pledged my Forgefiend. Not a model I built myself, having bought it in a bundle in January.

First thing I had to do was take it off its base and then sand off the existing sand covering the base as my army is city based and I had an idea of how I wanted the base to look (after watching a couple of basing tutorials on YouTube).

Once I’d got the model primed/base sprayed black I decided I didnt want to use the same painstaking way of painting it as I had the Heldrake, so I drybrushed all the armour etc with Leadbelcher first, and then did the same using purple on the “flesh” parts. A light drybrush of Screaming Bell on the chimneys and gun barrel ends completed the basics.

I picked out the chaos star in Screaming Bell and then painted in the Legion colour on the main armour plates and picked out a few of the metallic joints on the legs etc.

The base I wanted to look like my usual urban road style but with a pavement and ruined wall section, on one of the videos I saw an added drain so added one of those and used typhus corrosion to have a stream of gunk flowing along the gutter to it.

It’s not going to win Golden Deamon but I’m really happy with it cant wait to actually use it a game (havent included in a list so far but with the All Scars 2015 Tournament around the corner who knows).

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