D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 7-8

DnD_PotAArriving back in Red Larch the heroes reunite with Brandon at the site of a massive sinkhole in the center of town, down which a trio of local children have fallen.  Despite the protestations of a number of the town Eldars the party use ropes to rappel down and with the help of other townsfolk hoist the children to safety.

The heroes then investigate the tunnels which the sinkhole revealed, finding a worked stone corridor. Passing a pair of stone doors carved with the images of dwarf warriors they see a door at the end of the corridor with a slit in it. unfortunately before they get any closer a number of iron cages drop through the ceiling (which was apparently false) and a few of the heroes get trapped under the edges of the heavy cages. While they escape a half-orc appears in the doorway and harassed them with his crossbow but thankfully Jack sends him fleeing with his own bowfire.

Eventually getting past the cages and the half-orc they find another village child pinned under several stones, he begs the heroes not to release him as he’s being punished by his father for failing to deliver a message. In the next chamber they find a dwarf statue under repair with a smattering of treasure before it. They gather the treasure and re-smash the statue. Moving on they find an old man sitting before a door he loudly decries they  mustn’t disturb the delvers but they knock him unconscious and enter the room beyond.

Here they face a priest and his thugs, and as they fight them another quartet of thugs comes down the corridor behind them but their bows are no match for Jack’s.  The fight with the priest is costly but the heroes are ultimately victorious. Catching their breaths they travel back through the tunnels to the sinkhole and then up the other rougher tunnel which brings them out in the wagoner’s warehouse amid several decrepit looking carts and wagons … and their own wagon still unrepaired or upgraded to their requests.

This is where we had to leave things for this session, it was another fun one with some nice twists to throw at the party (the cages were one of my favourites).


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