D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 3 Session 3-4


Firstly I must apologise for how late this post has been in being put together.

After missing a session due to me being ill we resumed with the party (now joined by Benjamin’s character) taking the cart of bear carcass down to Goldenfields.

The first few days of travel proved mostly uneventful, but then they found themselves being shadowed by a quintet of flying humanoids.

Patrick decided to call one of them down, holding out a hunk of bread, but one of the flyers seemed to take exception to this and swooped down at the party.  The swiftnest of his action caught the heroes off-guard and before they could react he cast thunderwave and knocked half the party out.

Patrick tried to attack the flying man back but despite a quick bit of healing from his allies was soon also knocked unconscious.

Benjamin decided that discretion was the better part of valour and proceeded to run away to a nearby copse of trees, from where he watched the flyer alight on the cart and do “something” to the bear carcass before rejoining his companions aloft and wheeling northward.

Thankfully Emma and Eleanor by this time had rolled 20’s on their death saves (but had wisely chosen to play dead until the enemy left) and Patrick had stabilised. Once Benjamin had rejoined them they checked the bear carcass. Their attacker had burnt a symbol of some sort into the animals flesh, one which they worked out represented the elemental plane of air.

The remainder of the journey proved thankfully uneventful and they reached Goldenfields only to have the guards look upon their bedraggled appearance with disdain, until a familiar voice announced that they were with him and Coran strode out of the gates to greet them.

Dismayed to find that his prize-winning boar was gone he quickly adapted, magically changing the invitations to read bear instead of boar. He escorted the heroes inside and arranged for them to relax and recover in comfort with the promise to introduce them to the leader of the temple once they were more presentable.

That’s where we left the session as Matt and Patrick had a birthday celebration to attend.


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