D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 9-10

DnD_PotAHaving rested in Red Larch the heroes gain information on the overdue and presumed missing delegation from Mirabar from their faction contacts and decide to head through the Summit Hills to Beliard (where the delegation was last seen).

The journey proves to be not without risk as they are attacked by ankhegs and bugbears en route. While there they find that the delegation may have been set up by a figure in a golden mask, and the heroes continue to follow the route the delegates should have taken.

Deep in the hills they spy a flock of carrion birds from the trail, investigating they discover the remains of the delegation guards, along with 2 stone cairns. Searching the cairns one is full of well armed and armoured bugbears, while the smaller holds a robed human in a golden mask.

The heroes also spot tracks leading deeper into the hills and after putting the dead guards in a cairn they follow the tracks. They lead to the edge of the river and there are signs that several heavy keel boats have beached recently.

Returning to the caravan route the heroes are soon attacked by some robed figures higher up the rock face that have some strange flying apparel. The party fight valiantly and soon the trio are once again winging their way skyward in retreat.

Without further incident the heroes reach Summit Hall, one of the destinations of the delegation, and talk with the Knights of Samular. The delegates never arrived and the knights small number meant that their patrols never found a sign of them. When the heroes mentioned the ambush site and the mask the leader of the knights recognised it as belonging to the Sacred Stone monks and gave the heroes directions to their monastery in the Summit Hills. Faced with two choices of route they decide to retrace their journey via Beliard.

Well, an action packed session with some close calls on some of the combats but the heroes emerged victorious and their resolve strengthened – but will it be enough?


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