All Scars 2015 Tournament – round 1 v Shadow Reapers

SAMCRO-legionToday saw the first round of the Leicester All Scars 2015 Tournament, held as usual at our FLGS (Tabletop Tyrants). Originally I was scheduled to face off against a recurring foe but he had to pull out and the reshuffle meant I would face another of my former foes and his Shadow Reaper marines instead.

2015 tournament v 2 This is my list I decided to go with, nothing surprising in my HQ and FA options, but a last-minute decision to swap out Havocs for Noise Marines meant that I would have representatives of 3 of the 4 chaos gods (no Khorne).

With the opportunity of the All Scars Painting Challenge I was also able to begin the tournament for my first time with a fully painted force.


Now I must admit I felt a little bad after placing the objective markers as 2 were within my deployment zone but as i have had this tactic played against me before I decided “no more mr nice guy”.

My warlord trait came up as “Immovable Object” giving my Lord Fearless and It Will Not Die.

My psyker chose his powers, getting Force (which I lost due to perils in round 2), Sunburst (from wargear), Tzeentch’s Firestorm, Boon of Mutation, Life Leech, and Endurance.

Jay won the roll but elected to deploy/go second. Keeping only the heldrake in reserve I deployed and straight away commanded 2 objectives – one a targeting relay, the other a skyfire nexus. Jay decided he didn’t want to attempt to seize the initiative and we were under way.

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As usual the capricious nature of the tactical cards was in effect, while I took an early lead after 3 rounds (8-2), for the remaining 3 rounds Jay was able to pull it back to his favour (9-8) and it was only by scoring the secondary objectives that I was able to steal victory from him – final score 11-8 to me.

Despite losing my heldrake to the contemptor dread I didn’t suffer lack of air for long as the forgefiend scored a cheeky hades cannon hit on the storm raven causing an immobilised result and Jay very kindly rolled a 2 to crash it. The contemptor also got immobilised thanks to meltagun fire before the sorcerer’s bike unit charged it and took it apart with krak grenades, meltabombs and his unpowered force staff.

Regardless of the die roll we had to call it at the end of round 6 as the store needed to close but the models remaining on the board were:-

Jay – 1 marine in combat with my Lord, half a squad of marines facing my nurgle squad and remaining biker and psyker, an objective snagging rhino.

Me – Lord (who had regained a wound thanks to IWND), 4 of my noise marines, the forgefiend, 4 out of 5 nurgle marines holding objective 6, most of the other nurgle squad closing in on the reaper squad with a plasma gun intact, last tzeentch biker with a meltagun, and the bike mounted sorcerer.

A very close game but great fun.

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