Batman! Batman you say!

Batman-coverSo, as many of you know, some of us have been looking at the Batman Miniatures Game (from Knight Models) down at Tabletop Tyrants.

It has a similar feel to Necromunda in that it’s a small scale gang skirmish style game, but instead of futuristic street gangs we have Batman, his costumed allies and their assorted villainous foes.

Having played a couple of practice games, Edd asked me if I could run him through a demo game. Tyrants are also beginning to try out filming some of the in-store games, livestreaming them and then having them uploaded on their youtube channel – sounded like a perfect mix. As my own gang is still in the process of being painted I had my fellow Bat-fan, Daniel, bring his Team Arrow gang to face the Batman gang Edd was bringing.

We ran a basic 150 rep street fight – no extra scenario rules.

Edd brought Batman (from the Dark Knight Rises – there are several versions of Batman available) accompanied by a member of the GCPD armed with a shotgun.

Daniel had Arsenal (renamed Speedy), and 3 members of the SCPD.

Here’s the video…

With a few technical issues the video doesnt show the last few rounds, but with Team Arrow getting the initiative on the opening rounds Team Bats was guaranteed to do so for the latter half.

Batman continued to hound Arsenal, KO’ing him and then arresting him, before tag-teaming with the GCPD officer to KO the SCPD officers and claiming the win.

The game probably took a little over an hour  but we weren’t exactly rushing things. We could easily fit a couple of similar scale games in an afternoon/evening session.

My only grumble with the game itself would be the miniatures themselves. Cast white metal but several have issues in the quality (thankfully a good clean up and paint job hides a lot of sins), but also the accompanying mdf scenic items (containers, crates, etc) have inconsistant quality (as fellow club member Jon Adamson has posted about elsewhere).

There are no official campaign rules as yet but several suggested ones on the forums and I have been gathering some of them together and testing them as we go, it’s still a work in progress but works well so far.

I’m certainly looking forward to more games of Batman with fellow All Scars in the future.


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