D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 11-12

DnD_PotAApologies for the late update on this post but to be honest there really wasn’t a lot to put.

The heroes continued heading back to Red Larch but were assaulted by Earth Cult marauders leaving all but Jack out of action. Jack bravely took his fallen comrades back to town and arranged their being raised by their respective factions.

Once they had sufficiently recovered and restocked their supplies they went to investigate the strange graves the shepherd in the Inn had told them of, uncovering the bodies within. They found a crude map which seemed to indicate Feathergale Spire as a locale of importance and set out towards it.

However they were then attacked by a group of men riding giant vultures. Despite dealing with them with relative ease, one of the heroes was still taken down. So it was a decision to either head back to Red Larch and recover, or head on to the Spire a man down. Wisely (I think) they trudged back to town.

The random encounters seem to be taking a lot of the time up, and while they supply needed xp, I think we may need to possibly get a move on and head to the “meat” of the adventure a little more.

The other reason for the lateness of this post is that I spent last weekend at UK Games Expo, DMing more 5e Adventurers League over 3 days. We had been given the premier of one of the season 2 Expeditions (DDEX2-10 Cloak & Shadows) and I was running it 5 times over the weekend.

I wont give any details as I hope you’ll all get the opportunity to play it yourselves when it gets released, but I will say its a well written, fast paced adventure that throws the heroes straight into the action with some very innovative twists included. I did ham up some of the npc’s involved and had an absolute blast each time I ran it as no group played through it the same.


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