Gotham gang warfare heats up.


So a few more of my fellow All Scars have ventures into the darkened streets of Gotham recently. Edd with a Batman crew (and a developing Joker crew), Graham with a loaned Bane crew (but looking toward Ivy or Court of Owls), and this week Jack (with a Joker crew) and Jon (with another Batman crew) took to the mean streets.

First up was Jack. He was fielding Arkham Harley (renamed Haley) accompanied by a couple of Blackgate Prisoners (High Security and Mr Stikka); facing off against my latest League additions, Lady Shiva and her ninjarettes. 150 rep basic skirmish game.

Right off the bat I made a serious mistake splitting off the henchman with the loyalty tattoo from Lady Shiva (who she was meant to be protecting). This left Shiva open to attack from High Sec guy, which I know all too well is a slayer. Hayley made good use of her technique ability to knock ninjarettes to the floor – allowing Stikka to take advantage of the reduction in their defense to pound them. Before we even reached the final round I was down to just the ninjarette with a knife against all of Jack’s force and facing a 7-1 vp deficit. My first defeat in Gotham.

Jon was going to play against our friend Daniel at the same time but unfortunately Daniel was taken ill and had to head home. So while Jack went to play in the Warmachine release event Jon and I faced off.

Knowing that you don’t get much Bat for your buck, we upped the points to 300 rep.

Jon took the following.

Jons Bat Crew

He also took an extra ammo clip for both Batman and Gordon, unaware that they can only be given to henchmen. I did say he could reallocate but he chose to just drop them as none of his officers had firearms.

He would be facing

Mik LoS crew

High Security guy took the Loyalty Tattoo so he could bodyguard Ras and Shiva. Turk took an ammo clip and night vision goggles (not particularly useful in hindsight as his guns were both short range (20cm) and basic vision reaches 30cm.

Using Ras mastermind skill I added an extra Take the Lead token to the bag, but we still managed to draw all of Jon’s in the first 3 rounds.

Opening gambits netted me a titan dose for Stikk, and Ras solving a riddle for 3vps.

I think Jon had a fear of High Sec guy as his taser armed cop and Batman knocked him out and then arrested him. Though this then cost them as Shiva and Ras began tag-teaming on cops and Batsy. Even Gordon sprang forward to help the dark knight but in true villain fashion I switched my attacks to the weaker target and hospitalised the commissioner.

While all this was happening, Turk had sneaked up the other side of the block, knocking out another cop with gunfire before advancing on Alfred who was guarding my titan objective. I had a choice, split fire and target Alfred with one gun and the downed cop the other, or focus on a single target. I decided to take the Brit down. Unfortunately I only knocked him out but this allowed me to claim the Titan – for now.

As we began the final round I had 2 henchmen arrested (High Sec and Mr Stikk) and Jon had Gordon as a casualties with another cop and Alfred KO’d. I KO’d another cop and Jon was preparing to go down swinging with Batman but I suggested rather than hit either Shiva or Ras as he was very unlikely to take them out (due to losing willpower from damage and my enervating sword) perhaps he should use his abilities to skip out and claim the undefended titan counter – which he did, securing vps.

A little overkill but Ras took out another officer and we entered the recovery phase. Jon’s luck held and both his cops and Alfred recovered, denying my KO vps and contesting the titan objective to deny me more.

Final score was 6 vp to Jon (2 arrested henchmen, titan objective) to my 11 vp (2 henchmen casualties, sidekick casualty, 3 point riddle).


Wow, a brutal game. Even if he doesn’t have Liam Neeson Ras’ insta-kill ability, Arkham Ras is a monster. Spend 1SC to activate Precise Blow, coupled with Weapon Master with his sword and outnumber with his allies and you’re going to hit most targets on a 2+, then wound on 3+ (with Sharp giving rerolls) to cause 2 blood damage each hit and then steal a willpower point.

Scarecrow Talia

I’ve now purchased Talia and DKR Scarecrow for my League options so will have even more choices going in to future games, and have been toying with some crew list combo’s already – all I’ll say for now is that it’s going to get bloody!


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