D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 13-14

DnD_PotADown on numbers this week due to illness (hope you feel better soon Daniel) but excitement factor was up.

Having recovered in Red Larch (and Brandon retraining his character into a Wood Elf Ranger) our heroes head back out to Feathergale Spire, this time reaching it without incident.

The knights let them in and allow them to join their feast while they discuss the missing delegation and the cult activity the heroes have encountered. The meal is interrupted as one of the sentries bursts in to report the manticore has been spotted.

The leader of the knights invites the part to join the hunt and supplies hippogriff mounts as the hunt takes to the air. Luck is on the side of the heroes as they outshine the experienced knights and bring the beast down through massed firepower. Returning the severed head to join the knights trophies in their feast hall.

The leader rewards them which his gold ring and advises them to investigate the unsavoury residents of the Sacred Stone monastery nearby, supply directions to its hidden location. As the party have already encountered the golden masked monks they are eager to do so and after spending a evenings rest at the spire they bid the knights farewell and head deeper into the hills.

Following the directions they find the hidden defile that leads to the natural amphitheatre that holds the monastery. A quick scout reveals three possible entrances but they decide to try the direct approach, knocking on the main door and attempting to appear as supplicants. Unfortunately the doors guardians don’t fall for it and the heroes decide to try another approach.

Jack shoulders down a side door, breaking into a kitchen area and disturbing a quartet of monks who move to engage him as Brandon and Tim assist him. It’s a close call but they manage to overcome the monks and Brandon barrels down another door, leading into a larger dining hall, though he manages to fall on his backside in the process. The dining halls occupants, a pair of earth-armoured guards, are quick to respond (though Jack manages to force one to spend a round cowering behind an overturned table). These guys are able to deal out a pounding before the heroes are victorious and with aching muscles and bruised limbs they decide to dispose of the accumulated bodies by dumping them into the massive open ovens in the kitchen before retiring into the adjacent washroom and securing the door to take a short rest.

Once rested, they return to the dining hall and choose one of the door leading off, forcing it open to reveal a darkened corridor. With Tim being the only one without darkvision he brings up the rear, and Jack finds the corridor ends in another door behind which he can hear some voices (but can’t quite make out what they are saying).

Opening the door they enter a large chamber with four natural stone columns, a stone altar and a set of stairs descending to a lower level. There was also another pair of the earth-armoured warriors and a splint mailed gentleman holding a glaive.

The heroes tried their ploy once again of being supplicants, and the splint guy seemed happy to receive them, telling them to report below for indoctrination into the sect. The heroes though smelt a rat and noticed his hand hovering near a lever beside the altar and instead on complying tried to bluff their way through, unfortunately this did not go well and the splint guy responded by ordering his guards to attack.

We played two rounds of combat before time beat us, but by then Brandon was once again lying unconscious (he’d refused to use his hit dice at the short rest after being outvoted by his team mates on taking a long rest instead). Next session we’ll pick back up from the third round of combat –  a real cliffhanger!


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