All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series – June


Well this month for the All Scars Survivor Series painting challenge I decided to have a change from my 40K Black Legion army and do a pair of character models for my growing League of Shadows crew for the new Batman Miniatures Game – Arkham City Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter Nyssa.


Along with my reskinned Blackgate Prisoners (painted in Iron Heights uniforms) I had quite a reasonable crew.

CAM02842 CAM02843

But I was missing the iconic ninjas of the League, while waiting for the older miniatures to become available again I managed to get the newly released Lady Shiva and her trio of League Agents, even giving them a trial run against fellow All Scar Jack (who proceeded to handily trounce me).

This however just wasnt enough, and so the ranks were also joined by Ra’s other daughter, Talia, and Dr Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow (DK version).


But something was still missing. Then someone sent me a link to a Facebook trading group for the Batman Miniatures Game and lo and behold, there were the ninjas. What a great service from the seller too, ordered very late on Wednesday evening, posted on the Thursday, received on the Friday morning.  Assembled over the weekend, not too much flash (which sadly seems to be a curse on these models) and after a little green stuff applied…



Along with a donated DK Bane, and two of his mercenaries (Ted Hunter and Mohawk – whose head was swapped for Slade Wilson’s), I think I finally have all the models I want for now (though I might add a single member from the second Blackgate set – Prisoner 04 – as he begins with the Bodyguard trait).

For next months pledge I want to get Talia and Yang (one of the basic ninjas) completed, though I need them done by the 3rd for a game we are hoping to video for a store demo.

Will I make it in time? Tune in same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel, to find out (if you get that reference you’re probably as old as I am).

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