All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series – July

Batman-coverFollowing on from last month I pledged to get another pair of my League of Shadows miniatures done, however as I had a demonstration game planned that was due to be filmed for inclusion on our FLGS’s YouTube channel I needed them completed within the first 3 days of the month!

Thankfully the ninja figure really didnt take a lot of work, astrogranite the base, a base colour, wash and then pick out things like weapons and the eye slit in the hood.


Talia however was a little more involved. At first look she could be a plain model, mostly clad in black leather, bit of flesh, hair and sword. Unfortunately after a black priming and layer of abaddon black the leather still looked flat. It would do for the filming thankfully but I wanted to revisit it afterwards.


Revisiting Talia and using the advice of fellow all scars, I gave the leather a very light drybrush of eshin grey followed by a wash of nuln oil. I also gave the flesh areas a light drybrush of rakarth flesh to tone down the “essex tan”.

Pleased with how the ninja had gone I was eager to get the remaining ones done reasonably quickly using the same process as on the first.


So, pledged Talia and Yang; painted Talia, Yang, Ying, Lotus, Seeker and Shadow. I’m getting a better completion ratio on my Batman miniatures than with my Black Legion.

Plenty of time to decide on my pledge for next month, but i have a sneaking suspicion that it will be my Liam Neeson Ra’s al Ghul and probably DK Scarecrow.


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