D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 15-16


Sorry for the delay getting this one posted up, been a hectic week.  Our adventures continue down at Tabletop Tyrants despite the insane heatwave we’re experiencing.

With a number of players heading home having finished Uni here in Leicester the available slots were filled by players we had waiting to join in.

This meant that my table had two higher level current characters being joined by three new first level ones. What could possibly go wrong?

We picked up where we left off, with Tim and Jack continuing the fight against the Earth priest and his guards but now our heroes were reinforced by a trio of fresh faced adventurers. It still took a good effort on the part of the heroes with the new druid and ranger getting knocked unconscious before the cultists were dealt with.

We had several comedic moments with Tim casting command on a guard and shouting “Kneel”, to which the guard replied “I’m Fred, Neal works Fridays!”, then failed his WIS save and fell to his knees mumbling “alright, I’m Neal, I’m sorry”.

Once they revived their comrades Jack decided to pull the brass lever on the altar, they all heard a grinding noise come from down the stairs and changing all but the first four steps into a slide. Jack tried the lever a couple of more times but nothing else appeared to be happening. They threw a torch down to see a reddish soil floor but little else, Jason’s warlock tied a rope to one of the pillars and dropped it down. Gary’s druid braved it, and was most of the way down when the poorly tied knot gave way and deposited him at the bottom.

The room at the bottom of the stairs looked more natural in construction aside from the iron bars and gate on one side, but before the druid could investigate further he was attacked by an umber hulk that the lever had released.

The rest of the party responded quickly but chose to attack from the top of the stairs, leaving the druid to face the ire of the massive insect alone. Once the druid had stopped twitching the hulk used its burrowing skills to carve its own stairway up and engaged the rest of the heroes. Blasting it with magic, blade and hammer eventually brought it down but all of the heroes were left in a sorry state.

Despite the obvious risk they returned back to the wash room and secured themselves once more inside, this time to take a long rest and recover (hopefully undisturbed).

sacred stone

That was where we left it for this session, a quick totaling up of xp meant that having survived their baptism of fire the three new characters would (assuming they survive the rest period) be second level when we next play.

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