D&D Enc Elemental Evil: Princes of the Apocalypse Table 1 Session 17-18

DnD_PotAThe heroes rested in their makeshift lair (washroom) before deciding to venture once more through the monastery. The returned to the large chamber where they had defeated the cultists and Umber Hulk to find a solitary figure with its back to them, a big figure.

Clad in the familiar hooded robes of the cultists the figure was almost 8 feet tall but didnt appear to have noticed the heroes. Stuart’s wizard used an illusion to make a duplicate of himself appear behind a pillar the other side of the figure and with an inhuman bellow it lowered its head and charged at the apparent intruder. As it ran the heroes could see it had hoofed feet and as it passed through the illusion and connected with the pillar there was an almighty crack (the heroes weren’t sure if it came from the pillar of the creatures skull) which left it momentarily dazed.

The heroes recognised it as a minotaur and taking advantage of its state the heroes went at it, weapons and spells flying as once it recovered it fought back. The brutish man-beast gave as good as he got but unfortunately it fell to the superior numbers of the heroes. Taking a brief rest to tend to their wounds the decide to go out through the large double doors to the south. (At this point they noticed some writing on the door that spelled out “ALBUS”, the Potter fans will get the pun).

The corridor beyond was open to the sky above, like a courtyard, and had four ugly looking statues lining it. The heroes began examining the statues finding one to have dried blood on its claw and another to have a piece of cloth trapped under its base. Jason’s warlock fired an eldritch blast at the base to release the cloth, and they were able to identify it as similar to that used in the cultists robes but had a brownish stain on it – possibly old blood, maybe something else.

With a choice of four other exits they chose one to the east and opened it into another corridor. Gary’s druid in spider form scuttled around and made sure that the corridor was empty but had several more doors leading from it. The party chose one and found it led into what appeared to be a training room.

A padded mat took up the central part of the floor and four cultists appeared to be sparring with a fifth whose mask had no eye-holes. The heroes made out that they were new recruits and the leading cultist seemed to take their word and invited one of them to join the sparring. Jasons warlock casually strolled around to be beside a couple of the other cultists but as he began to cast one of his spells the blind cultist reacted first, spinning agilely she landed multiple bare handed blows on the warlock before he realised what was happening and left him stunned from the attack.

The rest of the party sprang into action, though Gary stayed in spider form and took to the ceiling hoping to stay out of melee. Unfortunately one of the cultists grabbed a long weapon from the racks around the room and was able to poke the druid repeatedly. Between the cultists and the blind girl the heroes were taking a fair beating but as they gradually began taking out her allies they were able to gang up on her and eventually take her down. Retrieving a key from her they decided to head back to their hideaway to recover, but as they passed through the courtyard area again they noticed that two of the statues were missing (not the one with bloody claws or the blasted base one). A shadow passed over them but other than giving them a slight scare nothing attacked.

The headed back through the temple room, noting that the minotaurs body was gone, but when they opened the door to leave they found one of the “statues” waiting for them as it burst into the room and attacked. Already bruised and battered they fought hard against the gargoyle (the warlock and priest identified it with arcana checks) especially as their non-magical attacks were not being as effective against the stone-skinned creature.

With the heroes limping back to relative safety we left it there for this time.

sacred stone player


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