Destiny on the Edge of Rebellion – a Star Wars RPG campaign

Jewl-of-Yavin_LGA grey, wet and miserable Bank Holiday Monday saw a ragtag group of adventurers enter a humble gaming store and find themselves whisked off to a galaxy far, far away.

  • Liam – GM
  • Me – Hep Kresim, Duros, Spy (Scout)
  • Emily – Ara’Li, Twilek, Explorer (Trader)
  • Jack – Human, Jedi (Shi-Cho Knight)
  • Alastair – Morty (1C-14N), Droid, Colonist (Medic)
  • Tim – Mon Calimari, Engineer
  • Jon – Faleen, Pilot? to be koining us from session 2

Our GM, Liam, had given us free reign on which of the core/source books we used for character creation with the only proviso that he didnt want a party of Jedi. I think Emily, Alastair and Jon all used EotE, while myself and Tim went AoR, and Jack used FaD. We didn’t know which adventure we would be playing but I think we have a solid coverage of skills put together, with a few of us able to overlap if needs be.


Aris had acquired a tail, some hired street muscle, so we decided to front them out as a distraction while she made it to the meeting point. They weren’t particularly bright, both believing our cover story a cloth merchant (Emily) and her retinue, and giving away the fact that Aris’s own husband had hired them to watch her. Once we were sure she’d made her exit we made our excuses and headed off.

Meeting back up with her, she and her father hired us to steal the Jewel of Yavin which was being auctioned off in the city, but they also wanted us to infiltrate the auction and push the price up, as well as steal the final buyers fee before it was transferred via the banking system. Simple huh? To get invited to the auction we needed to either be uber-rich or celebreties, well we weren’t rich but they were able to supply us with a cloud car and some credits to hire a racing pilot and enter the Cloud City Grand Prix.

Jack agreed to co-pilot the race, hoping to use his jedi powers to influence the outcome in a favourable way, despite his lack of success our pilot was able to still narrowly win the race securing us the winners purse and an invite to the auction. After the race one of the other teams engineers came to us, disillusioned with his employers and ended up joining our merry band.

auction houseThe auction house was impressive, Emily and myself were able to carefully watch the security patrols and guage their route and timing during the pleasantries beforehand while our companions tried to get a read on the other bidders. Once the auction itself started we were quickly left behind in the bidding stakes, though that didn’t stop our excitable droid from making bids which we thankfully would never have to make good on. I engaged our employers husband in conversation, he was half drunk and not particularly friendly so I decided to imply that his wife had given his thugs the slip for a romantic tryst with myself, this had the desired effect of goading him into making higher bids.

After several rounds of bidding the auction was over and we all left, however Emily, Tim and myself remained outside the auction house to case the joint some more while Alastair and Jack tackled the banking-bot before it got back to its station and rerouted the transaction as we were hired to do so. They weren’t particularly delicate in doing so and ended up having to destroy the droid to avoid any evidence of tampering.

Regrouping we hurriedly discussed our plan to get back in to the auction house and pilfer the gem. Concensus being to use the building refuse system to get in (its nearer to the gem room than going in through the front), snatch the gem and get back out the same way, quickly and quietly as possile then go and meet our contact.

Simple plan, but effective – what could possibly go wrong?……..


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