Destiny on the Edge of Rebellion – episode 3 – a Star Wars RPG campaign

Jewl-of-Yavin_LGWe continue our adventures at Tabletop Tyrants.

  • Liam – GM
  • Me – Hep Kresim, Duros, Spy (Scout)
  • Emily – Ara’Li, Twilek, Explorer (Trader)
  • Jack – Kallus, Human, Jedi (Shi-Cho Knight)
  • Alastair – Morty (1C-14N), Droid, Colonist (Medic) (Absent)
  • Tim – Lithel, Mon Calimari, Engineer
  • Jon – Zinogres, Faleen, Pilot/Smuggler

Well we didn’t fare too well against Shend’s goons last time so with discretion being the better part of valour (ie, none of us wanted to die over it) we decided to cut our losses and get the heck off of Bespin.

Unfortunately our little fracas had attracted the attention of the wing-guard and they were quickly and efficiently closing all the available exits. Thankfully my own meagre talents for such situations let me spy one that they hadn’t quite got around to yet and so I heroically led my comrades to safety. Ok, so I ran for it and they followed, but the intent was the same.

Apparently my choice of escape route led us into the Grand Galaxy Holopark, which today was depicting the woodland realm of Kashyyk. The holographic projections were so realistic I could have sworn we were indeed on the Wookie homeworld. But this was no time for sight-seeing as the wing-guard were hot in pursuit and it looked as if a fire-fight was our only option.


Before any of us can open fire though Zinogres steps forward and holsters his blaster with deliberate movements, calling to the wing-guard commander to parley. Surprisingly they don’t shoot him where he stands and their human leader confers with Zinogres.  I’m standing close enough to hear some of what they say to each other but not all of it, something about the guard realising who Zin works for and what the ramifications of that could be. Anyways, Zin gets the guy to agree to let us leave if we submit to a search for the missing jewel, thankfully since we carry nothing resembling a jewel of that size (thanks to Kallus’s lady friend) we’re released and Zin even gives the guard some info on Shend’s “possible” involvement in the theft. Rather than hang around for them to change their minds we hightailed it to Zin’s ship, the Swift Shadow,  and took off.

Nova Courier

We’d barely broke orbit from Bespin when I received a communique from one of my contacts, telling me to go see a Twi’lek named Reom at the remote station The Wheel in the far edges of the Rim. Carrying out a task he had would wipe out a large part of a debt I owed. I put it to my new crewmates, emphasizing that it would certainly get us away from any of Shend’s goons or allies, they readily agreed and off we flew.

beyond-the-rimArriving at the Wheel we meet Reom, who’s head of a company called Isotech. Apparently he’d recently acquired a hyperspace message pod believed to have been from the lost ship, the Sa Naloor. The ship went missing in the closing days of the Clone Wars, and the data from the pod says it crashed on a planet named Cholganna. Reom wanted us to confirm the ships location and see if anything was salvageable. Reom had something else to aid us, a protocol droid that had served on board the ship (under its Captain Harsol), IT3-P0, and was having it delivered shortly, this would give us a short time to organise provisions and gather any further information we might need. Reom did caution us though that ISB agents had recently been seen on the Wheel also looking for information on the Sa Naloor, as well as a business rival, the Yiyar clan.

Between us we discover that Cholganna is a jungle world and home to the feared Nexu beasts, so sensibly we stock up on survival gear and weaponry. We also discover that the Sa Naloor was a Banking Clan frigate with a crew of about 50 souls but thousands of droids – that could possibly explain Iso-tech’s interest as leaders in tech production they’d very much be interested in military grade droids from the Clone Wars.

We head back to the Swift Shadow to await delivery of IT3-P0, but en route we spot the droid being kidnapped by a bunch of Rodians. With a brief firefight we rescued the droid but most of the Rodians escape on their ship, a modified YT-2400.  Not wanting to hang around and answer some awkward questions from the Wheel’s own security forces we climb board the Shadow and take off. Using the information supplied by Reom in conjunction further input from IT3-P0 I made the hyperspace calculations for our jump to Cholganna, after we’d all agreed to take a riskier direct jump to save a little time. I imputed the cor-ordinates and Zin punched it.

We emerged from Hyperspace in one piece though several alarms were beeping and a few internal systems were overloading. Thankfully Lithel relished the chance to show us his engineering skills and quickly set us aright, though one alarm still blared.

The external sensors are screaming in the “cloudy” nebula of the system and giving collision warnings galore!



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