D&D Encounters – Out of the Abyss – session 5-6

out-of-the-abyss-coverWe had another great evening at Tabletop Tyrants. My table once again consisted of:-

  • Stuart, playing Exom, a level 4 Human Wizard (Zhentarim)
  • Jason, playing Io, a level 3 Human Monk (Zhentarim)
  • Sil, playing Raggia, a level 3 Elf Druid (Zhentarim)
  • Phil, playing Captain Astrid Alexis Astor, a level 3 Human Paladin (Order of the Gauntlet)

Our resident rogue, Rose, couldn’t make it due to other commitments but will hopefully be back with us next time.

The heroes continue their journey to Sloopbludop, but the paladin begins hearing a faint female voice calling for help. No-one else can hear it but they trust the paladin and send the wizards owl ahead to investigate.

CAM04082Some way ahead there is a narrow side passage  with leads into a dark, small chamber with a marble wall and large metallic door. The voice continues to plead to be rescued from the darkness but sounds closer. It takes a little effort (what a time to be missing the rogue he he) but they manage to open the door and it leads in to a marble chamber.

The walls are lined with frescoes depicting vistas with floating cities in the sky, and a couple of shelves show broken jars etc. One shelf holds a small diorama of a noble looking woman being attended by her servants. Our well-read wizard remembers reading in his studies of ancient Netheril and its magical floating cities, a civilisation of powerful magic users that almost destroyed the world centuries ago.


The wizard also begins to feel a prickling sensation on the back of his neck while in here. The heroes follow the marble stairs down to a small landing which is decorated with an inlaid stone, Exom the wizard again uses his knowledge of history to determine that it is a Netherese calendar stone, depicting the date this building was built. the stairs continue to lead down some hundred or so feet to end in another metallic door.


The door opened into another marble chamber with two more doors leading from it. In the room was a grey stone altar and more of the broken jars/containers. The friezes decorating the walls were defaced with several deep gouges as clawed by some beast.

The heroes chose a door, opening it to find a short corridor ending in another door. This then led into a chamber dominated by a large stone sarcophagus resting on a black stone plinth. The lid of the sarcophagus depicted more scenes of the floating cities, and two niches in the walls held unbroken jars.

Investigating the jars the heroes discover them to be some sort of canopic jars, holding the long deceased remains of some unknown humanoid.

Io opens the sarcophagus and is surprised when the lid lifts easily, though even more surprised when a voice booms out of nowhere “You have disturbed the tomb of Brysis of Khaem! Accursed are you, most miserable of creatures!”. Inside the now open sarcophagus lay a motionless woman who looked remarkably like the one depicted in the diorama above. After several minutes investigation they realised that it was actually a stone replica of the woman and that they was nothing else of note in the room.

Moving back to the other door, it led into another short corridor which opened up into a chamber with four smaller sarcophagi, each lid carved to show a well dressed servant. Io stepped forward once more but as he touched the lid of the first one four spectral figures rose through the lids and attacked!


Battling the spectres proved harder than anticipated as the party realised that they had been cursed when opening the previous tomb, and to make matters worse when Exom began casting spells strange side effects also occurred (not all of which were helpful). Eventually the heroes despatched the spectres but after the undead had taken a heavy toll on them. While they recovered they investigated the sarcophagi, finding some treasure but importantly finding that one of them was on small rollers and covering a trap door.

Rolling the sarcophagus back over the trap door (just in case) they decided to bring their companions in with them and take a rest and recover. Nothing disturbed their rest, but upon waking Exom conjured his magical armour and in doing so created a burst of necrotic energy which hit all of his associates and killed JimJar the deep gnome.

The trap door led down a tunnel to another marble chamber. Its wall decorated with coloured pigments un-dulled by age and a gilded sarcophagus on a dias. As the heroes approached a black shadowy figure (vaguely resembling the statue of the woman) rose up and attacked them.


Exom was loath to attack lest his magic cause more harm than help to his allies while Io and Raggia (in dire wolf form) found that their attacks weren’t as decisive against the incorporeal form. Captain Astrid however was able to bring the power of her god to bear. The voice she had been hearing called out more insistently now, telling her she was in the coffin and could help if they got her out. Raggia and Io switch tactics and between them heaved the lid, revealing a sword hilt (but no blade). Io tried to pick it up but felt a compunction to drop it straight away. Astrid grabbed it and the blade instantly sprung to life, glowing like a sun and causing the wraith to recoil momentarily.

The wraith seemed to realise that the paladin was her greatest threat and so concentrated her attacks on the holy warrior, both combatants taking a heavy toll on the other.

Astrid knew that one more strike from the undead would spell her end and begged Exom to risk his magic. With trepidation the mage cast  magic missile at the wraith instantly realising that additional magic was being generated but was streaking towards Raggia’s animal form – which then levitated to the rooms roof!

Everyone’s attention though was snapped back to the wraith as the magical darts of energy struck, the creatures form burst scattering shadow stuff which the light of Astrid’s blade instantly banished into nothingness.

As the dire wolf (Raggia) continues to float around the other heroes searched the room but it wasnt until they spotted Stool standing apparently on thin air that they realised there was an invisible chest in the room. Well aware that their rogue would have made short work of any traps they cautiously opened it to find a veritable hoard.

Not wanting to travel further until they had recovered from the beating the wraith had given them the heroes settled down to examine their newly acquired goodies and rest for the remainder of the day.

That was where we left it for the session, not any closer to Sloopbludop but certainly richer for the experience.

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