Leicester All Scars Punic Wars Stage 1 – Planetfall v Eldar

BLToday saw the beginning of the Leicester All Scars Punic Wars narrative campaign event. The mission was Planetfall (from the Planet Strike supplement that was in the Sanctus Reach expansion) used in conjunction with the mealstrom Tactical Cards, and I was to be the attacker against the Eldar defending the planet of Leptis Magna – a hot and acrid planet whose atmosphere causes plasma misfires more often.

I suspected that my opponent would expect me to take my usual bikes, Lord, sorceror and heldrake combination; but with the special rules the mission allowed I decided to take an entirely deep striking force led by none other than Abaddon himself!

punic 1 v 2 – my army list.

The eldar deployed along with their bastion and aegis line (with quad-autocannon) , fully expecting the roar of bike engines. But after resolving my firestorm attacks (each of which aided by ground observers and bolstered by doomfire shells to give them all soulblaze) they were surprised to see my entire force (apart from the Tzeentch terminators) deep strike on turn one – and aside from the raptors, all arrived bang on target!.

Farseer Syndra had already lost her jetbike bodyguards to the firestorm attacks and then she suffered blindness from the warptalons arrival.

Abaddon and his Bringers of Despair unloaded their weapons into the nearby wraithguard, the combined reaper autocannon and combi-melta fire utterly destroying the eldar constructs and leaving Abaddon close enough to claim the objective they had been camping on.

The fire raptor has landed on the corpses of a few of the fire dragons, opening up with avenger bolt cannon, balefire missiles and reaper batteries at the nearby eldar.

Eventually the warptalons were unleashed, and their champion screamed his challenge to the blind farseer. She responded by trying to impale him on her weapon but his demon infused armour saved him. In retaliation his lightning claws shredded the eldar leader.

The surprise assault had taken a toll on the eldar forces, but they quickly rallied. Their rage focused on the Despoiler and his retinue with four entire units bringing their weapons to bear and many unleashing D-damage on them. Even the enscorcelled armour of Abaddon couldn’t protect him from it all and he fell.

The raptors then became a target of one of the wraithlords and were quickly reduced to smoking corpses.

Next round saw my remaining unit arrive by deep strike – again bang on target (had the chaos gods blessed my scatter dice?). The raptors advanced to claim an objective and score me some points while the fire raptor banked and targeted another jetbike squad as well as the eldar flyer, wiping out the jetbikes but the flyer survived. the obliterators stood still and continued to fire at the wraithguard while they contested another objective.

The Eldar response saw the newly arrived terminators ranks thinned though a scattering D shot also took out one of their own wraithlords at the same time. The wraithguard manage to take out two of the three obliterators while the rangers wound the remaining one.

The fire raptor decides to zoom off so as to return next round. The last obliterator moves forward, blasting away at the wraithguard and then charging into them, reducing them to a single warrior.

The raptors jumpack towards the swooping hawks shooting at them and then weathering a hail of overwatch to assault them – wiping the unit out before the champion even warmed his lightning claws up.

The tzeentch terminators assaulted into the remaining wraithlord, chainfist and powerfists eventually ripping the construct to pieces and leaving the terminators close to the remaining heavy weapons battery.

As the turn ended the objective close to the obliterator and wraithguard exploded, and the shrapnel manages to find gaps in the fleshmetal and dropping the last obliterator.

The eldar flyer swooped over the board unleashing its psychic assault on the raptors and causing the remaining members to begin fleeing, the rest of the eldar forces target the remaining terminators, reducing them down to just the champion who managed to stoically pass his leadership (obviously buoyed by the heavy weapon platforms D-cannon shot scattering back onto itself and destroying itself before him).

The fire raptor returned, taking out the last wraithguard with one of its reaper batteries, then firing its other weapons at the rangers, avenger bolter cannon and reaper battery shells shred most of the eldar scouts and a balefire missile takes another one, but the massive barrage left them suffering from soulblaze which manages to finish the unit off (they pop like popcorn, just ask Dave D).

The last terminator strode forward and commandeer the quad autocannon to take a cheeky shot at the eldar flyer, taking a hull point from it.

The trio of raptors manage to rally, ready to make themselves a nuisance next turn.

The eldar wave serpents and the remaining unit of dire avengers join the last remaining two fire dragons in burying the terminator in a wave of firepower while the flyer swoops around trying to again affect the raptors with its psychic shenanigans but this time fails.

The recovered raptors jump pack up to the rangers former vantage point and try to shoot the flyer, but fail. The fire raptor takes a risk and drops into hover mode as the pilot enacts the Marked for Death stratagem and targets the dire avengers before opening up with the avenger bolt cannon and obliterating them (7 twin-linked shots, strength 6 ap 3 – there’s no such thing as overkill, just kill!), then pops one of the reaper batteries into the last two fire dragons and leaving them as smears on the floor.

The eldar flyer continues to fly around but has no target in range, but the wave serpents unload everything (including their serpent shields) into the hovering fire raptor, causing the wrecked flyer to crash (unfortunately not on top of them).

The game ended on the roll of a two and with the three raptors camping on an objective, they secured my the necessary three vp’s to tie the score.

Final Score 10-10.

An excellent result considering the carnage we had inflicted upon each other.

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