D&D Encounters – Out of the Abyss – sessions 7-8

out-of-the-abyss-coverNovember was a busy month for me so I fell behind with my Encounters updates, so here in brief are the session recaps.

This session was ran out of our normal sequence due to my suffering an injury and having to postpone, this led to a slight hiccup in attendance but worked out fine still.

  • Phil – Capt Astrid, human paladin
  • Stuart – Exom, human mage
  • Jason – Io, human monk
  • Lewis – half elf sorcerer (can’t remember its name)
  • Vipin – sorcerer (can’t remember the name or race)

The party left the tomb of the Netherese wraith behind and continued onwards towards Sloopbludop. It wasnt long before they encountered another chamber of the glowing crystals and the spellcasters got the uneasy feeling of the faerzress, however the monk was still eager to break one of the crystals off (resulting in temporarily blinding himself) and out of curiosity touching the broken crystal to his tongue (feeling somewhat akin to licking a battery).

Once the monk could see again they continued their journey. In the remaining four days they encountered a carrion crawler, a group of orcs and a trio of fungal-hook horrors but each of these proved of little inconvenience. However, during this time they also found out who had been killing their companions in their sleep, Buppido the Derro, as he killed Shuushar the Kuo-toa before attempting to flee. Thankfully the fleet-footed monk was easily able to catch him and subdue him before bringing him back to the party to answer for his actions. During his questioning it became quite clear that he was mad as he said he was “freeing” them from their torment as sacrifices to “her”. When it became clear that they weren’t going to get anything more from him Vipin’s sorcerer killed him with magic.

As they finally got close to Sloopbludop they came across a group of Kuo-toa, however, unlike their former travelling companion these guys weren’t friendly and tried to take them captives. The fight was swift but brutal as the spellcasters used their magics to devastating effect. Unfortunately this was not a one-sided battle, as the monk was dropped unconscious by the fishman leader only to have his last two companions decide that killing the downed human was a better prospect than trying to attack the armoured paladin, resulting in Io being slain. Once the remainder of the party had dealt with the Kuo-toa they recovered their comrades body and took it back to another area of faerzress in the hopes that the magic could restore their friend (in-game mechanics, using their faction Raise Dead to bring him back) but in doing so both the monk and the paladin suffered a strange vision showing a massive two-headed creature emerging from a mirror-like surface that seemed to stare directly at them and then both failed their madness rolls, thankfully the effects were temporary.

Eventually they reached Sloopbludop and after showing the gate guards the amulet that Shuushar had worn they were shown into the high priestess of the Sea Mother’s presence. here she explained that her people were in the middle of a religious civil war as her daughter led a splinter group worshipping the Deep Father and harkening back to the Kuo-toa’s less enlightened and xenophobic ways. The priestess asked the heroes to pose as captured sacrifices so she could get close to her daughter and her followers and to then help her overthrow them once and for all, in return she would share her treasures with them (though she didn’t specify what those were). The only down side was that it had to be done straight away as the rivals were beginning a ceremony as they spoke. Being the heroes that they were, the party agreed.

That was where we left that session, we hadn’t used any full maps for the combats hence the lack of photos. We would be hitting the ground running in the following session as we head into the finale of the basic Enounters part of the season (though as we have the full hardback adventure we will carry on to see how far the heroes get).

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