All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2015 finale – December

Survivor logoThis month saw us coming to the conclusion of the All Scars 2015 Survivor Series Painting Challenge. It was also our final showstopper event and so as I had spent the majority of the competition painting my Batman figures I decided to go back to my 40K collection and show some love to one of my  oldest models – my converted stretch-land raider spartan.

emharBuilt from an Emhar kit for a Mk IV Tadpole tank with a few extras to spruce it up, after seeing the shorter, standard Mk IV used in a very old WD issue as land raider for some Deathwing terminators.

Scratch built twin linked heavy bolters on the front and twin linked lascannons added to the sponsons in place of the original weapons (I think they came off an old sci-fi toy of some description).

The whole beast comes in at 13 inches long, it had long sat gathering a thick coating of dust so required a good cleaning before we could start with the painting.

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A fresh layer of Abaddon Black on the chassis, then Eshin Grey over the tracks. Leadbelcher on the weapons and some of the plates, followed by Screaming Bell on the Chaos Icon’s and trimming the “turret”. Finally a layer of Auric Gold on the skulls on the Icon’s.

It’s never going to win any painting competitions but I’m happy with it and it matches in with my SAMCRO legion colour scheme.

The Survivor Series has proven popular and will be running again throughout 2016, hopefully I’ll be doing more of my 40K models now that the Batman are mostly done.

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