Leicester All Scars Punic Wars Stage 2 A – Tactical Escalation v Blood Angels

BLThis afternoon saw me play a rematch against one of my friends and his Blood Angel force. Our schedules don’t usually align so this is the first chance we’ve had to play since last Christmas, so we decided to tie it in to the current All Scars narrative campaign too. We would battle on Nicodemus (though neither of us made use of the planetary bonus FNP).

spilling angels blood is my army list. The Sorcerer got the Master of Defence (counter-strike) warlord trait, and Force, Tzeentch’s Firestorm, Breath of Chaos, Life Leech and Smite psychic powers. He joined Iniago’s CSM squad, while the Dark Apostle led Fezik’s CSM squad.

Patrick won the roll off and chose to deploy first, I failed to seize the initiative. His drop pod landed once receiving an interceptor shot which left it and its cargo requiring snap shots (which Patrick then forgot to fire anyway). His spartan and dreadnought failed to dent the armour of the defiler. Patrick’s dice rolls were really not in his favour as his tactical unit ran a massive distance of 1 inch (this would be a regular feature throughout the battle).

My first turn was a little more succesful as my shooting whittled the ranks of the angels, but not enough to score anything. End of round 1, 0-0.

Patrick’s second round saw his storm eagle arrive and the Icarus cannon popped another shot off, but to no effect other than causing a jink. Shooting continued to let him down as he continued to fail to dent the defiler and my marines power armour seemed bulletproof. To add insult to injury his Lemartes led Death Company and drop pod squad both failed to charge and suffered overwatch wounds in return.

My turn 2 saw both the heldrake and fire raptor arrive (the raptor by deep strike and not scattering). The spawns moved out and began heading to objective 5 (which Patrick’s tactical unit were also heading for). Shooting proved a little better for me, the raptor taking a toll on the tactical squad as well as a pair of glancing hits on the dreadnought and 2 hits on the storm eagle (removing the heavy bolters in the process). The defiler finally managed to get a few kills after dropping a battle cannon shell on the terminators. As expected the heldrake halved the scouts in the tower with its baleflamer, and squad Fezik opened up on the Death Company (though killing their own plasma gunner in the process) reducing them to lemartes and 2 others. The sorcerer and squad Iniago managed to obliterate the drop pod squad scoring me First Blood. End of round 2, 1-0 to me.

Patrick opened round 3 by zooming the storm eagle off the board into ongoing reserves. By now I was in fits of laughter as one of his terminators had succumbed to soulblaze, failing its 2+ armour save. The tactical squad continued to head to objective 5 and again ran a massive 1 inch. Lemartes and co moved closer and shot a few marines and would finally make it into melee. Lemartes issued a challenge and Fezik accepted (and was killed) but the rest of the combat was fairly ineffectual and with both units having Zealot no-one ran away. His shooting finally took out the defiler, its explosion killing a pair of marines in the process.

My round 3 response saw the spawns claim objective 5, the heldrake moved up and spewed flames over the tactical squad, reducing it to the sergeant. The raptor moved around and managed to finish off the dreadnought. Squad Iniago managed to destroy the drop pods storm bolter. End of round 3, 2-0 to me.

Round 4 and Patrick’s storm eagle returns and shoots the heldrake in the butt, taking a hull point off it and crew shaken. Lemartes and co continue to wade through the massive blob of marines which just seem never-ending, especially when the Apostle successfully Look out Sir’s the 4 hits coming his way from the thunder hammer. In return the marines drag one of the remaining death company down with them. To finish the turn off the tactical sergeant succumbs to the soulblaze.

My turn 4 and both the heldrake and raptor decide to zoom off. Having drawn another secure obj 5 card the spawn just sit and wait. My cultists finally come out of cover and man the Icarus cannon, taking a cheeky shot at the storm eagle but failing to hit. The sorcerer and Iniago’s squad move over and then charge Lemartes, Iniago issues a challenge which the Blood Angel chaplain readily accepts. Iniago survives 4 crozious hits and responds with a pair of power sword swipes of his own. Lemartes not only failed both his rosarius saves but also his FNP, and having already lost a wound the spill over wound finishes off the thunder hammer death company marine too. Rolling for Iniago’s Chaos Boon he got a 63 – model gains FNP! With the secure obj 5 card, Hungry for Glory for Iniago’s challenge and Blood & Guts I managed a decent haul of points. End of round 4, 5-0 to me.

By now I still have around 40 infantry and both flyers, Patrick has a librarian terminator and 1 assault terminator, 3 scouts, his spartan and storm eagle. Time was against us and so we agreed to call it there.

Another great game and a nice win to finish 2015 for me.

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