All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – January

survivor seriesFollowing on from the success of last years painting challenge, the Leicester All Scars are once again running our monthly Survivor Series.

To start the year off I decided to paint up a unit of one of my older models. Equipped and planned as a unit of Chosen with pistol/close combat weapons but built from the bodies of Warhammer Chaos Warriors and fitted with extra Chaos Space Marine bits (bolt pistols, backpacks and an arm swap for the champion) as well as the metal standard bearer as an Icon (originally planned as an Icon of Chaos Undivided but now used usually as an Icon of Flame – yes my unhealthy obsession with soulblaze continues unabated).

Models were already base sprayed black, over this I applied a drybrush of leadbelcher. Abaddon Black was used to fill back in the armour where needed and Screaming Bell used to accent the weaponry etc. Mephiston Red picked out the eyes on the helmeted men, the aspiring champion’s head was base coloured Rakarth Flesh, layered with Cadian Flesh then a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

The bases were simply Astrogranite with Abaddon Black rims, though I might need to do a second coat on the standard bearer and champions bases where I fitted the 2p pieces to help with their balance.

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