All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – February

survivor seriesWell February’s pledge was my scratch converted Chaos Vindicator. Built off of an old style rhino chassis it had various large spiked parts added, a driver in the pintel with a head from the possessed kit, and the demolisher cannon was made from a cardboard tube and fixed in place with a large blob of green stuff.

Now the model had sat this way, unpainted for some time and rarely saw action, then I decided to add a siege shield built from spare vanes from my heldrake conversion, and give it the ubiquitous spray of all over black.


And so it sat like this for about another 12 months. Until yesterday. I only intended to make a start as i had the rest of the month to get it finished, but somehow I managed to just plow through and got it completed in one sitting. Now for some thats not a major achievement, but I only usually get a couple of hours each Sunday to do any painting so I was really happy to have finished it.

I wanted it to match the earlier painted rhino so kept the leadbelcher, Screaming Bell combination over the black base with Ryza rust over the metallics. The driver received leadbelcher trims, and the head was Rakarth Flesh with Agrax Earthshade, eyes and tongue picked out in Mephiston Red. A little Typhus Corrosion was added to the area of the green stuff around the cannon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Possibly one of the quickest completions for the month for me. I haven’t decided yet what to do for next month, as its the first of our quarterly “Showcase” months I think it needs to be something other than rank and file, we’ll see, I have a few weeks to decide now.

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