Blood Damage’s Batman tournament

Batman-coverToday I headed over to Weekend Warlords in Loughborough to take part in a Batman Miniatures Game tournament ran by the chaps from the Blood Damage podcast, Spearmint Rhinox.

I took my League of Shadows but also included my latest purchase, Deadshot, to bring some needed firepower.

  • Leader – Arkham City Ras al Ghul
  • Free agent – Deadshot
  • Henchmen – Lotus, with extra ammo and trained in shadows
  • Henchman – Yang, with climbing shoes
  • Henchman – Ying
  • Henchman – Mohawk, with loyalty tattoo
  • Henchman – Pipe

We would be playing 3 rounds of 2 hours each. Game 1 was the Plunder scenario and I was facing an Organised Crime crew led by Red Hood and Origins Deathstroke.

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It didn’t go well, Deadshot continually rolled low which was only of use when he managed to dodge Red Hoods bullets. At one point both Ras and Deathstroke were ko’d but Deathstroke woke up first and finiahed Ras off (though thankfully being Immortal meant he didnt give away any further vps) – final score a brutalising 55-19!

Game 2 was Patrol and I was facing a Scarecrow crew, though led by Comic Deathstroke, with Victor Zass lending support. I’d never played against a ‘crow crew but had looked at their stats when I was considering getting them and to be honest I was expecting to get mauled once more.

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This started off well with me getting my riddle objective, then the carbine armed militia came on and shot Lotus to hell. Both Carbine guy and Deadshot dove in to the sewers, after which my guys began sitting on sewers to block exits. Between us we destroyed every lamp post on the board during the game, you dont need light to stab someone 🙂  Zass came in knives flashing only to have Ras and a ninja carve him up. It became quite a blood fest in the middle of the board with Ras, Ying and Mohawk taking on Militia Brute and Deathstroke, during which the militia with the rpg tried to lob his rockets in but thankfully failed every shot. Eventually the brute and Deathstroke were left bleeding in the street.  Deadshot came out the sewer nice and close to the enemy deployment zone and engaged a prisoner, then drew the attention of the emerging carbine guy. They exchanged shots  and finally Deadshot lived up to his name.

At the end of the game all I’d lost was Lotus and the militia had very little left on the board. Final score 23-9 (though afterward ealised that I hadn’t added the bonus 2 vp from the scenario for having Deadshot in the enemy deployment zone).

Game 3 was the Skirmish scenario, which is the one we usually play in our casual games, and I was facing a large Bane crew. Arkham Origins Bane, with venom soldier, Dallas, McGregor, Smash, Ted, Mohawk (look twins!), Axe prisoner, bodyguard prisoner, and pipe prisoner (another twin).

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Dallas was thankfully a worse shot that Deadshot as he contiually missed  or had his bullets ping off the building. Ras and Mohawk went up the right flank, after riddles and were quickly engaged by the other Mohawk though he was obviously an imposter as he died quickly. Then Ted, Smash and Axe guy decided to have a go, they took out my Mohawk but Ras managed to take out Smash and Axe before “retiring” onto his ammo objective. McGregor did an awesome bonnet slide to engage Yang but Deadshot assiste the ninja and soon the merc was another casualty. Lotus had used his shadow training to begin just out of sight of the other pipe guy and spent 2 rounds stabbing the hapless prisoner to death before turnig his attention to the bodyguard prisoner. Though this in turn made him a target for Bane and the venom soldier. Despite being pumelled merciliessly all the bruisers could do was ko him though.

Dallas moved up to try and take a riddle but Yang once again aided by Deadshot had other ideas and swiftly put the sniper down. Ying in the meantime had opened one of the safes and discovered a stash of antique porn which kept him amused for the majority of the battle. Pipe had snuck around the edge of the battlefield and finally decided to run up and claim the Bane crews loot.

Final score 30-4, Tom had some terrible luck with his dice and mine were reasonably well behaved for a change.

The results were tallied and the chap with the Organised Crime crew came a clear winner, while my friend Simon came 2nd with his Joker crew. I managed a respectable 5th out of 10. It was a great day and I learnt quite a bit not only about my own crew but also some of the others that I dont face as often down at Tabletop Tyrants.

Looking forward to the next one, whenever it may be.



2 Responses to “Blood Damage’s Batman tournament”

  1. professeurxavier Says:

    Thank for the report. It’s always great to see what is played.
    Are you sure that it was Comics Deathstroke leading the scarecrow crew (scarecrew ?) ? My understanding is that only Origins Deathstroke can.

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