Ra’s off – a Batman Miniatures Game Bat-rep


Following last months brilliant Batman Tournament (organised by the Spearmint Rhinox Blood Damage podcast team) I had been talking to the guys and arranging to meet up for more games.

In particular, to have my League of Shadows face off against Kaz’s own League as we both prefered to use opposite versions of Ra’s al Ghul.

With a heavy schedule of D&D (finishing one season, running a DM session 0 event, and starting the new season) it wasn’t until this week that we managed to get a game in.

Kaz brought his tournament list of Neeson Ra’s, Dallas (with ammo and night vision), McGregor (with loyalty tattoo), Ted Hunter, Ying, Yang, League Agent 3, League Agent 1, Prisoner 4 and Pipe prisoner.

I brought AC Ra’s, Deadshot, Yang (with climbing shoes), Ying, Seeker (with night vision and extra poison arrow), Ted Hunter, Mohawk (with loyalty tattoo).

We rolled for mission and got 3:Patrol, strategies netted Kaz an increased deployment zone and let me dictate who took the lead in round 1.

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There was also a couple of other games going on too, Simon was trying his new Batman crew out against Keiren, and John trying his prisoner heavy Penguin list against Paul’s League (lots of love for the ninja’s).

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That was great fun, lesson’s were learnt (Deadshot needs to use cover, Seeker is well worth his points, and I still can’t roll d6’s to save my life). I was probably too cautious on the first few turns worrying about Dallas and his rifle but rightly so when you look at Deadshot’s fate (9 blood damage – ouch!).

Many  thanks to Kaz for a very entertaining game, look forward to more of them in the future (especially with the expansion book looming on the horizon).


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