All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – March

survivor seriesLate posting this as I actually completed this months pledge fairly early on.

A change from 40K this month as I wanted to get my latest Batman Miniatures Game addition painted up – Deadshot.


Now, while I like the mini and his in-game mechanics, I’m not a massive fan of the red/blue puffer jacket – this is meant to be the master sniper, why wear something so bright?

Having watched Arkham Assault I would have liked to do a paint scheme similar to that but felt it didn’t transfer too well to the model, so following a trawl of google images I came across one I did like and coud be achievable.


This would also tie in nicely with the blue ninjas of my League of Shadows too.

CAM04377 CAM04378

The poor quality of my phone camera doesn’t help, but I’m happy with him and he looks like part of the crew on the tabletop – unfortunately being painted hasn’t made him any more effective, though that may be more down to poor positioning on my part.

With teasers appearing for the expansion book for the Batman Miniatures Game, they seem to so another Deadshot sculpt with a sniper rifle, so I’m looking forward to getting my paws on that and being able to choose between them in the future.

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