All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – April

survivor series

Having ordered some very cool alternative heads from Mad Robot Miniatures based upon the characters from the Sons of Anarchy tv show I wanted to make a Ron Perlman/Hellboy Khorne biker lord to lead another part of my SAMCRO Black Legion.

I wanted a right-handed powerfist and immediately thought of the old metal Chaos Lord miniature where he’s holding a loyalist marines helmet in the fist. Thankfully I had a spare one of these figures in my bits and pieces and more helpfully the fist was a separate piece.

metal lord fig

I was able to prevail upon the pinning skills of my fellow All Scar Jon (who had also donated the converted ATB quad I was using) to affix the fist to a plastic arm/shoulder.

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As for a colour scheme I wanted mix my standard SAMCRO Black Legion scheme (using silver trim rather than gold) with that favoured by the followers of Khorne (as shown in the Black Legion supplement for the Hounds of Abaddon).


But rather than gold trim I followed my fellow All Scars advice and used brass (well, Screaming Bell to be exact, as I have used it before on several of the other models and vehicles). I also wanted the red to really pop out and, following another suggestion from Jon, used Mephiston Red with an over coating of Blood for the Blood God (makes sense really).

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So there we have Lord Hel-Ron, champion of Khorne, for the SAMCRO Black Legion, holding the helmet (possibly still containing its former owners head) of an Ultramarine.

I’ve begun work on the squad of Khorne Bikers that will accompany him, using some chaos knight parts donated a while back by more All Scars (Jack and Lee) for this purpose. They shall be known as the Hound’s Lancers (the aspiring champion has a power lance while the others are just their combat weapons).


Once these are done that will leave the Slaaneshi Sorcerer and his associated bikers to complete the quartet.

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