All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – May

survivor seriesThis months pledge is part of my list for the annual All Scars 40K Tournament, once again I’m taking my Black Legion chaos marines.

I wanted to field a unit of tooled up Chosen and thanks to some donated parts from my friend Jon I had several parts from the Raptor kits which included a nice selection of meltaguns. So digging through the boxes I salvaged/repurposed a handful of bodies, including a former Space Wolf which now serves as Aspiring Champion Acredo sporting his Lunar Wolf chest plate proudly.

Where I usually try to keep models within a unit to have the same helmet type (makes it easy for identification purposes) I decided to mix the Chosen up (I can then field them amongst other units as special weapon troopers of the same helmet type in other games if I like).

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The plan is to have a fully painted tournament force in time for the third round, and with this month completed it leaves my bastion and the Land Raider Proteus.

The Proteus is already primed and will most likely be my pledge for next month’s Showcase, while the bastion was bare grey plastic. However, after watching a YouTube clip my fellow chaos player Mark shared, I decided to modify it with some nurgle-like infections.

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I’ve gotten as far as a brush on coat of home-made black gesso (care of my daughter’s cosplay supplies – thank you Sophie) so might even get this done by months end.

No-one at the club as yet has noted (or commented on) Acredo’s name, I thought it appropriate for the leader of a squad of Chosen men 😉

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