Flash and Arrow expansion for BMG – a run down


So, the Flash and Arrow expansion book for the BMG (Batman Miniatures Game) has been released, but is it just for anyone running the Emerald Archer or Scarlet Speedster?

Well the short answer is no, it isn’t.

The book clarifies a few game terms and rules which have mostly been covered in the regularly updated FAQ’s and then hits us with the fun stuff.

Two new ranks have been added (previously it was Leader, Sidekick, Free Agent, Henchman) – Vehicle and Legend. Rules for including both of these are in the book though the only model released for either so far actually fills both slots – the Batmobile (available through direct order from KM only). This also unlocks higher rep games which are needed for the introduction of another new aspect – Teams.

Yes you can now field your Suicide Squad, Teen Titans, Birds of Prey and Secret Six crews as rules for these are included and the photos show several of the new models coming through for these. Will these types of crew suffer low model syndrome much like the Watchmen gang does currently (often being massively outnumbered) especially when playing higher rep games to accommodate them, we’ll have to see, but I’m sure they’ll make for some fun thematic games nonetheless.

Obviously there is a section on introducing Speedsters and their Speed force abilities which adds a new sub-phase to the game, with speedsters being released to be available on both sides of the law. Many of us may have also got the limited edition Black Flash mini with the rulebook. Great looking figure but I’m a little saddened that it only comes into play on a particular result once a speedster fails a paradox roll; I was kind of hoping it would also be a Black Lantern type Flash but at least it looks awesome.

There are loads of new item and character traits included (as well as a few that have been amended due to new rules additions.

They haven’t forgotten the original style crews totally either, expanded equipment lists give many of them access to unique gear/traits based upon the inclusion of iconic members of their chosen faction. Nice to note that the Organised Crime ones refer to two named models which don’t currently exist but will be familiar to fans of the comics and the Gotham TV series (Falcone and Maroni). There’s also a whole list of new strategies available, including some crew specific ones which I shall hopefully be looking at in a future post.

A nice section on the fluff of the Arrow and Flash characters gives us not just the TV versions but also comic based stuff and their respective rogue’s galleries (I’m really hoping the fact that Malcolm Merlyn is included means we could see a Dark Archer coming soon).

Something the community at large has been waiting for is more scenarios, well here they are, with expanded rules for playing your games not only in Gotham but also Star (Starling) City, Central City, the island of Lian Yu and the mysterious Gorilla City (home of Grodd!)

The book closes out with combined weapon stat charts (one for ranged, one for melee) and then two very nice art pages which would seem to hint at a fan favourite, trench coated supernatural character (no, not Castiel, though with the Supernatural TV show also being on the CW network I’m surprised a cross over hasn’t occurred) – John Constantine!


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