Talia’s tale of the tape

taliaSince my last look at the options for my League of Shadows BMG crew there haven’t been a lot of additions other than an expansion of Free Agents, which aren’t specifically League affiliated.

However there was one significant addition, an alternate Talia al Ghul (known as the Comic version). Now, I’m not a massive fan as it lacks the Elite Boss: Ninja that would seem a given being the daughter of Ras, and she swaps out her sword for a machine pistol (Mauser Gun).

Normally I wouldn’t post about it but having recently acquired a third version of Talia (the tournament card version) I thought I’d make a comparison of the three options.

So let’s look at the costs first:

Talia – Arkham Talia – Comic Talia – tournament
Rep $ Rep $ Rep $
71 0 75 250 62 100


Comic comes out the most expensive both in Rep and $’s but she has a trait which can mitigate that a little (especially when taken as crew Boss) which we’ll cover later.

The stats:

Talia – Arkham

Talia – Comic Talia – tournament
Willpower 6 Willpower 7 Willpower 6
Strength 5+ Strength 5+ Strength 4+
Movement 3 Movement 3 Movement 3
Attack 4 Attack 4 Attack 4
Defence 4 Defence 4 Defence 4
Endurance 6 Endurance 7 Endurance 6
Special 3 Special 3 Special 3


Comic again comes out top of both Willpower and Endurance, Tournament has slightly better Strength.


Talia Weapon Damage ROF Ammo
Arkham Katana 2 blood Handy/sharp
Comic Mauser Gun 2 blood 2 2 Firearm/M.range
Tournament Knife 1 blood Sharp
Hand Crossbow 2 blood 1 2 M.range/Mechanic


With the 4+ Strength I feel the Tournament version comes out top here, with a knife and a ranged weapon she covers both options while the other two versions only cover their respective options.


Talia – Arkham Talia – Comic Talia – tournament
Affinity – Batman
Scheming 1 Scheming 3
Acrobat Acrobat Acrobat
Elite Boss: Ninja Elite Boss: Ninja
Martial Artist Martial Artist
Sneak Attack
True Love – Batman True Love – Bruce Wayne
Master Marksman
Business Agent
Get ‘Em


So the only skill they all share is Acrobat, two of them have Scheming but I think I’ve only ever bothered using it the once and it’s not overly effective in my opinion. Two have Elite Boss: Ninja which is a must I feel as a League character. Comic is missing Martial Artist, not surprising as she has no melee weaponry, instead getting Master Marksman.

Interestingly Comic versions True Love specifies Bruce Wayne, so far we’ve only seen Bruce/Batman available – could we be getting a non-bat version (maybe around the same time we find out what else is in the enigmatic Lexcorp list). Business Agent brings an addition $300 funding which at first only nets you an increase of $50 due to her own cost, but taken as crew Boss makes her $0 and still adds the extra $’s.

Get ‘Em is dubious in its use. Yes, it allows numerous henchmen to immediately spend 1 AC, but this is only effective if they have any available and are adjacent to an enemy model.

Sneak Attack is a good skill but as Arkham version only has 5+ Strength its better used to finish a weakened opponent off.

The winner here I think is the Tournament version once again. With the three shared traits the addition of Confusion to mess with opponents, reducing their Attack and Defence stats while locking out their use of Specials – this would be very useful against opponent models with the Unpredictable skill. Especially as Tournament Talia has that as her final skill, even spending two Specials to use Confusion would let you then add a third to use as an extra attack with your Strength 4+ Sharp knife on the weakened defence enemy.

So, on the whole I think Tournament Talia comes out on top and I’m looking forward to converting a miniature up for use as her and trying her in a game.

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