D&D Encounters – Curse of Strahd – Krezk w(h)ines

Curse of Strahd CoverWith the guards watching warily from atop the wall we approached the gate to Krezk, they seemed even more isolationist than the previous villages we’d visited but they did bring their burgomeister to the gate to talk to us. His was Dmitri Krezkov and he was loath to let us in unless we could prove ourselves. We asked what proof he would need and were told that the town hadn’t received its usual delivery of wines from the local winery. After getting him to make its location on our map we agreed to go and investigate what had happened and if possible return with the towns wine. Despite this they still didn’t want to lt us in overnight so we set up a meagre camp beside their gate.

Pertinax spent some time examining his amulet before announcing that it was better suited to the abilities of either the paladin or priest and gave it to the paladin to use. Let us hope that we don’t have to test its effectiveness too soon.


Next day we set off for the trek to the winery, the journey wasnt overly taxing and we soon came upon a group of Vistani coming the other way leading wagons, one of which looked very familiar. While the rest of us waited in the nearby treeline one of the dwarfs stood in the road as they moved past. We could tell it was definitely the same group we had met beside the Luna river, but they made no threatening moves to the dwarf so we remained hidden while they passed.

Moving on we soon came across a bedraggled looking group, turns out they were the family that ran the winery. They told us that wild men (possibly druids) had taken over their place with an army of plant-men and had also stolen the magic gems that helped their vineyard flourish in this dismal land. We told them Krezk had sent us and said we would see what we could do.

We approached the winery, from the outside it looked deserted, so myself and Aris took point and investigated the loading bay where a wagon stood already loaded with casks of wine. As we reached the wagon our companions gave a call, a small force of twig-men had emerged from the vineyard and were closing in. The rest of the party fought a retreating action but I decided to climb the loading mechanism to the upper floor where I encountered a wild-looking human sitting atop the winch. Striking swiftly with my blades he darted off through a nearby door, rather than chase blindly I waited in readiness as my companions caught up and joined me (leaving the twig-men slowly closing in still).

Heading through the door we began investigating the winery, finding a kitchen/dining area and sleeping chambers. As we approached the farthest one we heard mumbling and rushed in to find the man I had previously encountered with a pair of the twig-men. With the dwarven berserker hot on my heels I charged in, smashing one of the twig men asunder before closing upon the man. The dwarf made short work (the best kind for dwarves I hear) of the other twig-man but the human tried to flee, diving from the window and dropping a strange-looking staff in the process. Not wanting to let him get away I dove after him, coming up in run with my blades ready. I later found out that my allies broke the staff he left behind, but I was glad of the effect it had on the twig-men outside – they all fell apart.


I caught up to the man as we reached the tree line and finally my blades brought him down. I quick search of his corpse revealed nothing of any use so i returned to the winery and my companions. We had another search around the premises and I found a lock box under a bed, it contained some coinage and ledgers and I was sure there was something hidden in the lid but couldn’t find a release for whatever it was. I put the box and its contents back, but later as we took a deserved rest I returned to try again and found the lid had a compartment containing a locket, a portrait and a number of gemstones. These were obviously of sentimental value so I replaced them as I had found them.

Several of my companions sampled the wines while we rested, then someone went to fetch the wine makers. They were very happy to have their home and business back and told us that the consignment on the cart was indeed for Krezk. They gave us a couple of small casks for ourselves and we agreed to accompany their delivery back to Krezk.

The journey was another uneventful one and we reached the town finally being allowed through the gates with the consignment of wines.

party map


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