All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series 2016 – August

survivor seriesSo with my tournament army fully painted and having done my alternative Talia for my Batman crew last month I wanted to do something different, and as I was looking through the Renegades & Heretics army lists once again (with the possibility of forming allies for my Black Legion) I decided to paint a unit of my Chaos Cultists.

I have quite a few sets of the cultists from the Dark Vengeance boxed set (around about 100 at rough count), so I chose a squad of 10, 8 with autoguns, 1 with heavy stubber, and the last a champion with trench coat and shotgun.


I was really surprised how quickly I got through these and my willingness to paint was still running high (for a change), so I decided to rebuild and repair my Deamon Prince and its base as well as repair my warpsmith (the fecking tentacles are a nightmare) and make a scenic base for him.

Then I got them both primed in my black spray, and after deciding that I’d leave the Prince for next months Showcase I set too on the Warpsmith.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Still not ready to lay down the brushes I decided to bash out another squad of Cultists, this time a melee based group. 9 of them with auto pistols and combat weapons and the champion with the axe and Freddy Kruger claw.

I got the base coat, trousers and bases done then found that I had little time to continue for a week or so, but then today (with a small break due to a headache) I knuckled down and got them completed.

Not going to win Golden Demon any time soon but I’m very happy with them and it means that out of my 433 total miniatures 114 of them are fully painted!


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