All Scars 2016 Tournament – round 5 v Crimson Slaughter

SAMCRO-legionThe fifth and final round of the All Scars 2016 40K club tournament saw me facing off against fellow Chaos Space Marine player, Mark, with his Crimson Slaughter.

As mark couldn’t make it on the day due to holiday commitments we agreed to play it the week prior at his place. We would both battling for the dubious honour of bottom of the table and the worryingly named “woollen spoon” (knowing full well I have a phobia about the feel of wool my friend Gary had organised this as a kind of motivational aid).

As with everyone else, we were to play mission number 5 from the main rulebook – Cloak and Shadows. We rolled for deployment type and got the standard Dawn of War layout, Mark won the roll to choose sides and also to choose who’d deploy/go first, which he elected to do.

Once Mark had deployed I set my own forces up, holding the Heldrake and Proteus (with Chosen inside) in reserve as usual, and setting everything else up towards my right hand side in a refused flank style.

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Jaxxon, Unsa and the bikers were doing well early part of the game, destroying the unit of CS that deployed from the dreadclaw, then the cultists and moving on to the plague marines – but by then they had lost a fair few members thanks to enemy psychic attacks and once the noise marines opened up, it left Jaxxon alone and on 1 wound.

Highlights of the game for me were inabilities of the vindicator and proteus to hurt each other until round 5 when the proteus finally got the better; and squad Bullhorn using an imperial statue for cover with a cry of “Well shit! The Emperor really does protect!”

The remnants of squad Bullhorn, along with squad Slap’ed managed to tie up the CS obliterators for majority of the game, negating their firepower – just as well seeing as I kept killing my own plasma gunners due to gets hot rolls.

The tactical cards as usual did not draw in my favour, often coming up as objectives in enemy hands on the far side of the board, but it was a really fun game and when we rolled the dice at the close of round 5 the game ended with Mark the winner (10-6).

With the majority of the other games still to be played I delayed publishing this post as agreed with my fellow All Scars committee members. The only public post being Marks :-

“So the Woollen Spoon decider came down to Chaos v Chaos – Mik’s battered and beleaguered Black Legion against Mark’s crushed and crucified Crimson Slaughter.

With the sides deployed, Chaos came out of the blocks quickly, but Chaos wasn’t far behind, scoring an early point with First Blood. Chaos rallied with reserves arriving and caused damage to the Chaos back line, but Chaos stood firm and fought back, dealing Chaos some grievous wounds. In desperation, Chaos turned and launched a full-scale assault at Chaos, wiping out a whole unit of Chaos in the process and consolidating deep into Chaos territory. But Chaos was not done yet – in an audacious move Chaos swept forward, taking out the Chaos elites in the process despite a hail of Chaos bullets coming their way.
All too quickly, round 5 had come to an end, with Chaos holding a slender lead over Chaos. The crucial roll for a continuation took place – a 1! Chaos had won, beating back a tenacious Chaos in the process.”

I would still be attending the final rounds game day though, playing a game of x-wing with Joe as he also had no opponent.

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