New Chaos Formations leaked – lets look at the Hate of Traitors


So the new Black Crusade Detachment and its formations have been leaked from the imminent Traitor’s Hate book and I thought I’d share my thoughts on them.

First thing I notice is that it says that as an exception to the normal rules  units chosen as part of the Detachment AND the formations all receive associated Command Benefits and special rules.  In the Restrictions it states “Only the datasheets listed here can be included in this Detachment and all units must have the Chaos Space Marine Faction”.


Being new to the use of Formations I consulted with a fellow All Scar and was very happy when he confirmed that Legion formations could be included as additional Detachments (points allowing). But, back to the task at hand.


Command Benefits


Lord of Chaos – If this is your primary detachment you can reroll for Traits. Same as for the basic CAD, useful.


Death to the False Emperor – all units get Hatred (Armies of the Imperium), in addition units can take Veterans of the Long War for free. Firstly we don’t have a detail on what classes as Armies of the Imperium, just Space Marine forces or will it include Guard etc as well. Secondly, WOW, the compulsory tax of the Legion just got made a bonus – happy camper here.


Path to Glory – choose a model with Champion of Chaos at the start of each friendly turn and roll for a Chaos boon (can use his Favoured Scions rule too if he has it). Double-edged sword really, I’ve only remembered to use the rule a few times so far and on at least 2 occasions have gotten Spawn results. But that’s part of the fun of Chaos, so I’ll be using this as often as possible but probably just on Aspiring Champions where possible.


NOTE: Where the formations list Chaos Lord or Sorcerer you may use the equivalent “Special” characters such as Abaddon and Ahriman etc.


0-5 Command – Lords of the Black Crusade, either a Chaos Lord, Sorcerer or Daemon Prince.


1+ Core – Chaos Warband, Maelstrom of Gore or The Lost and the Damned.


1+ Auxiliary – Helforged Warpack, Veterans of the Legions, Cult of Destruction, Heldrake Terror Pack, Fist of the Gods, Raptor Talon,  Terminator Annihilation Force, Favoured of Chaos, Trinity of Blood, and Spawn (1-3 units of Chaos Spawn).


So the Formations:




Chaos Warband

1 Chaos Lord                                                                                         0-1 Sorcerer

1-3 Chosen, Terminators or Possessed                                            2-6 Chaos Space Marines units

1-3 Raptors, Talons or Bikers                                                             1-3 Havocs or Helbrutes

Restrictions: None

Favoured Scions: when rolling for Boons, roll twice and choose either OR both results.

Objective Secured: ALL units in the Warband get this rule.


So the obvious comparison is to the Legion’s Warband formation.  Only difference in composition is Chosen are in the 1-3 Elite slot.  Favoured Scions is a double for the Favoured of the Warmaster, but Objective Secured replaces Thirst for Glory. I’d probably prefer this version as having all units with Objective Secured is a better option as most games are now Maelstrom games.


Maelstrom of Gore

1 Chaos Lord or Kharn the Betrayer                                                                4-8 Khorne Berzerkers

Restrictions: Lord must be given Mark of Khorne for FREE.

Blood Crazed: Units have Fleet and add 3” to charge distances.

Red Rain: Once per battle at start of movement phase summon Red Rain. Every unit locked in combat is allowed to pile in and fight as if it was the fight sub phase but enemy units cannot fight back. They can still fight normally in the assault phase of the same turn.


Again, as with the Legion supplement, why is the only god specific formation Khorne – where’s the love for Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh. Is it simply because they want to boost sales of the lack lustre khorne units – maybe. It won’t however entice me. If I want to include a Khorne formation I’ll use Hounds of Abaddon. After checking, I realise this is a re-hash of the Apocalypse formation of the same name in the Pandorax book.


The Lost and the Damned

1 Dark Apostle                                                                                      4-9 Chaos Cultists

Restrictions: None

Tide of Traitors: Each time a unit of Cultists is destroyed roll D6, 4+ and you place a new identical unit in Ongoing Reserves. They gain Outflank and count as members of this formation.

Prophet of the Gods: The Apostle’s Zealot rule applies to all Lost and Damned units within 6” of him.


Cheap troop units to capture/deny objectives, cultists are generally underused, but I can’t help but wonder if allied Renegades and Heretics are a better option.




Cult of Destruction

1-3 Warpsmiths                                                                                    3-5 Obliterators or Mutilators

Restrictions: None

Empyrionic Guidance Rituals: At start of movement phase each Warpsmith can perform the ritual on one unit of Oblits or Mutilators within 8”. Oblits get to shoot twice, Mutilators attack twice.


The first of 3 formations to include the Warpsmith.  I’m not sold on this one as it hinders the Deep Strike of the Oblits if you want them to benefit from the Ritual.


Favoured of Chaos

1 Daemon Prince                                                                                 3-5 Possessed

Restrictions: None

Baleful Nexus of Warp Energies: Units of Possessed within 12” of the DP at the start of the Fight sub-phase get all 3 mutations rather than just 1.


Much better than The Tormented from the Legion supplement, though has a minimum of 3 possessed units. Might be tempted to give this one a try at some point.


Fist of the Gods

1 Warpsmith                                                                                         3-5 Predators, Vindicators or Land Raiders

Restrictions: None

Dark Wards: all vehicles within 12” of Warpsmith have 6+invulnerable save.

Unholy Blessings: Warpsmith gets +1 bonus to repair vehicles in this formation.


The second outing for the Warpsmith and the first to include the CSM vehicles. It’s not quite the squadron rules we were hoping for (perhaps they’ll be in the book too, but I doubt it) but certainly an interesting option. Doesn’t specify if Land Raider includes any available variants though (as usual they seem to ignore anything from the Forge World books).


Heldrake Terror Pack

2-4 Heldrakes

Restrictions: None

Rising Terror: Enemy units suffer -1 Ld within 12” of 2 Drakes, -2 for 3 Drakes, and -3 for all 4 Drakes.

Merciless Pursuit: Vector Striking targets that are Pinned, Falling Back or have Gone to Ground, target suffers D6 St 7 AP2 hits instead of 1.


This is what Chaos Marine players have been waiting for, not the ridiculous one from Death from the Skies but a proper Drake formation. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of these in use, but I think unless its massive point games most of us would just field the 2 Drakes.


Helforged Warpack

1 Warpsmith                                                                                         3-5 Helbrutes, Maulerfiends, Forgefiends, or Defilers

Restrictions: None

Master of Mechanical Warpcraft: While the Warpsmith is in play the Warpack can reuse their Deamonforge rule repeatedly.

Warpack Alpha: Nominate one of the Warpack as the Alpha. They gain the Character type and a 4+ invulnerable save. If the Alpha is destroyed the rest of the Warpack gain the Rage rule.


And the third Warpsmith formation. This one I do like, mainly because it includes Defilers, and the option to make one a character with 4+ invulnerable is bonus. Also there doesn’t appear to be a “within range” requirement for the Warpcraft rule.


Raptor Talon

1 Chaos Lord                                                                                         3-5 Raptors or Talons

Restrictions: Lord must be equipped with Jump Pack – for FREE.

Predatory Warriors: Can charge on the same turn they arrive from Deep Strike Reserve, but count as Disorganised charge when they do.

Cacophonic War Cries: Enemy units charged by 2 or more Talon units must subtract 2 from their Ld until end of the turn.


I know Jon will be salivating at this one, and rightly so. The special rules go some way to mitigate the use of Warp Talons now, as before they couldn’t benefit from their blinding landing ability as unable to assault. I expect we shall see a fair few Night Lords forces being unleashed soon.


Veterans of the Legions

1-4 Khorne Bezerkers, Thousand Sons, Plague Marines or Noise Marines

Restrictions: Unknown

Special Rules: Unknown


This just feels like a shoe horn to get the god squads included. Though I’ll wait and see what Restrictions and Special Rules come with it as this is the only one not leaked – yet.


Terminator Annihilation Force

1 Lord or Sorcerer                                                                              3-5 Terminators

Restrictions: Lord or Sorcerer must be equipped with Terminator Armour for FREE.

Targeted for Annihilation:  Before deployment nominate one enemy unit. This formation has Hatred against it and can make a shooting attack against it immediately after they deep strike, this doesn’t stop them shooting again in the shooting phase either at the same or a different target.

Target Updated: If the nominated unit is completely destroyed, you can immediately pick a new unit as replacement target, this can be done each time the target is destroyed.


I quite like this one, though I think I’d probably use the Bringers of Despair and Chosen of Abaddon instead.

Trinity of Blood

3 Khorne Lords of Skulls

Restrictions: None


Apoplectic Storm: Start of their movement phase, enemy units locked in combat with them suffer a number of St 6 Ap 4 hits equal to the number of models in the unit. These hits have Ignore Cover and Soul Blaze and are randomly allocated.

Crashing Volleys: Weapons used by a Trinity have twin-linked if attacking a target already attacked by another member earlier in that Shooting phase.


I don’t want one Lord of Skulls, why would I want three? Again, this is a re-hash of a Pandorax Apocalypse formation. I think I’ll wait to see the Chaos Knights rules and options in Traitor’s Hate for a Lord of War option thanks.


So, do these options fill you with dread, do they get you excited to be the badass’s of the Galaxy once again? What are your thoughts?




8 Responses to “New Chaos Formations leaked – lets look at the Hate of Traitors”

  1. Check this out:

    It’s about Terminator formation that may be somewhat useful.

    • Many thanks will edit to include this- cheers.

      • Think about deep striking 5 Terminator Squads with combimeltas, VotLW, and Chaos Sorceror with Last Memory of Yuranthos and Spell Familiar. We’re fighting against virtual Gladius with Rhinos and Droppods. You nominate a single Rhino/Droppod, blast it with combimeltas, then you nominate, instanty, another one and you can fire again with remining combimeltas and so on till you run out of combimeltas. Next, in the Psychic Phase you blast with Sunburst to burn some SMs, and finally you shoot again with terminators to finish off remining squads.

  2. Initial thought is underwhelming. Free VOTLW is nice, but I am not seeing anyway to deal with the meta that has been created by Eldar and AoD. We shall see how practical application goes though.

    • yeah we’re never going to compete on a level playing field until we have a fully updated codex – but I hope this goes towards making it at least fun to once again play CSM rather than just be the whipping boys of 40k.

    • Yeah, the decurion it self is rather weak and overpriced by compulsary core choice and their options. However, there’s some potential by combining Helldrake Terror Packs and Cyclopia Cabals in Raptor Talons with Psychic Shrieks

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